The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship phone released last May 2013. I got mine as an offering from Globe in their 999 Plan with a 30-month contract period for PhP 10,100. There were two regular variants released by Samsung, one is the i9500 which comes with an octacore processor (two quad core processor that switches between regular and heavy usage) without LTE capability, the other is the i9505 that contains a quad core processor and LTE capability. The one I got from Globe is the i9505 with LTE.

Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S2 handset, most of my expectations, if not exceeded were met by the handset. The retail package contains the usual starter’s guide, warranty card, wall charger (w/ USB data cable), a flat cable headset, extra earbuds, and of course the handset itself. The insides are astonishing, a 1.9Ghz quad core processor, 2600Mah battery, 13MP camera, 16GB (9.7 user available) internal memory w/ 64GB expandable memory, 2GB of RAM, 5″ 1080×1920 full HD Super AMOLED display, GPS w/ GLONASS and LTE capability.

The notable aspects of this handset are the 5″ Super AMOLED display which in my opinion is the best display I’ve ever seen in a smartphone, the 13MP camera that shoots clear and vividly colored still images, and 1080p videos at 30fps. The camera software is something to look into, programmed into it are modes that can be useful to capture a perfect scenery depending on your preference.

The 1.9Ghz quad core processor does its job well enough to play High Definition Games without lag, some I’ve already tried are Ironman 3, Real Racing 3, Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2k13. That being said, normal games such as Temple Run 2, Zombie Tsunami and such can be played without any disturbances. The multitasking feature is also handy when you want to browse the web while taking down notes, or watch a YouTube video while browsing your Facebook.

The LTE capability and hotspot ability combo is also something that I frequently use, I didn’t pay much attention into LTE variants of smartphones until LTE was made available within UP Diliman. I would download and surf the net at the same time at a blazing 40 Megabits / second speed compared to 3G that only took me to a maximum (and unreliable) 10 Megabits / second.

The insides were good (incredible actually), but the build itself is something to criticize. A month into using the smartphone, I noticed that the chrome part has a small “chipped” part probably from changing cases. Although I said that this is something to criticize, I can deal with it since I’ll be taking good care not to drop this expensive smartphone.

Other than the build issue, I would recommend this smartphone to those of you tech geeks out there who value performance and has the budget to afford so.

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