Last Thursday my officemates and I went and tried out the newly opened Sambo Kojin in Megamall. It was my friend’s last week in the company and we decided to celebrate it there. Initially we planned on having dinner at Vikings since there is one in Megamall as well. And thankfully I guess we can all agree that we made the right choice having buffet at Sambokojin.

Sambo Kojin is located in the third floor, Atrium section of the mall. It is right in front of Ebi Curry and a floor above Yabu. We got there around 4 PM since we get off work at 3:30. There were rows of chairs right in front of the restaurant for people to wait at. The sections were divided according to how many there are in your party. I must say that although we had to wait for an hour since they open at 5PM, the wait wasn’t painful at all. The restaurant attendants were polite, having seating in front of Sambokojin made it comfortable and in general it was a fairly pleasant experience.

They seated us after letting in the customers who made reservations which was about 10 minutes after 5 PM. While I haven’t been to a lot of buffet restaurants, the Sambo Kojin in Megamall is incredibly spacious. Its clean and the interiors were sleek and modern. The tables were far enough from each other so it doesn’t get awkward having to stare at a stranger’s plate of food. The service was also impeccable.  Unlike all the other buffets I’ve been to, you have a dedicated waiter in Sambo Kojin. This allows everyone in the table to stand up and get food since someone would be looking out for the valuables.

We paid 749 pesos each for the dinner buffet with an additional 90 php for unlimited drinks. With the amount and quality of food available, the 749 bucks was a steal. There selection of sushi was diverse; the tempura bar never ran out of tempura, the sashimi dish always had sashimi, they have a takoyaki and crepe bar and their desserts, which usually aren’t given that much attention in buffets, are really good.

Sambokojin in Megamall is definitely worth the hype that it has been getting. Affordable buffet without the marketplace chaos – I will surely eat there again.

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