The first time I learned about the Japanese restaurant Sakae Sushi was when I saw its branch inside Robinsons Place Manila. Who wouldn’t notice a restaurant with a conveyor belt with sushi plates in it? It will really catch your eye even when you’re just passing by outside the restaurant. They have a unique setting of having sushi plates coming at guests through the conveyor belt. I don’t visit Robinson’s Ermita frequently, so I was delighted when I learned that Sakae Sushi has a branch at the SM Mall of Asia which I visit more often.

One time, I went to SM Mall of Asia with my boyfriend to attend to some stuff and we opted to try eating at Sakae Sushi. As I do commend other restaurants for their warm welcomes, I cannot praise the crew from this one because I wasn’t quite pleased with the way we were treated. Sure, we were greeted upon entering the place, but we were not given the table we prefer because they said it was reserved. No one occupied the table until we were done eating so I doubt that it was really reserved, I thought maybe they just don’t want 2 people to occupy a 4-seater table. Aside from that, the service was a little slow as well.

We ordered chicken teriyaki which is already good for two, it was expensive so I have my expectations. I’m so glad it didn’t fail. The chicken meat was so soft and so easy to slice. It’s very tender. It tastes so good, not too sweet, which I prefer. It’s not lacking in taste either, it’s perfect for my palate.

I wanted to experience taking something from the conveyor belt so I decided to take one yellow plate. The color of the plates indicates their prices. The yellow plate which I took from the belt is the second cheapest among their sushi plates. I might be expecting too much since the place even has the word “sushi” in their name, and I thought that it’s their restaurant’s pride. I was taken aback that their sushi tastes pretty normal. Nothing to be delighted for, really. It was quite a let down thought it tastes just fine, it doesn’t taste authentic and its raw fish topping doesn’t taste fresh.

For my first time eating experience at Sakae Sushi, the chicken teriyaki is the only thing I can praise them for. I would probably come back to try their other dishes or come back for their chicken teriyaki alone because it was very pleasing to the tongue. I really hope both their service and sushi will improve. I might try the other branch at Robinsons Place Manila to check if their service and sushi are more laudable.

If you want to try eating at Sakae Sushi, their SM Mall of Asia branch is located at the North Wing 2nd floor, while their Robinsons Place Manila branch is located at the Padre Faura Wing Ground floor.

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