I remember back in high school I had this most embarrassing encounter of having stinky underarms. I was still young and I acquired that strong smell due to using my parents’ deodorant. That day, I forgot to apply it while I headed to school so in the afternoon, it really smelled bad┬áthat during lunch break I went to a friend’s house and made use of their soap which was “safeguard”. I rubbed it on my armpits and it did lessen the smell. Actually, I left with the scent of safeguard.

Well, I grew up using just that soap, especially when my skin gets irritated or when I develop acne due to lack of sleep or dusts.

I’m not just sure why I would cultivate more pimples when I try using oil control facial wash or other soaps on my face. It just is so sensitive it is only compatible with safeguard.

Sometimes I really would try other beauty products or other soaps since I had to deal with just one soap the rest of my life, but it won’t do me any good. Probably, it’s just the type of skin that I have that I learned to be satisfied with just the same old thing.

I don’t have to visit any dermatologist for any explanation or cure, safeguard is just doing fine retaining the natural glow of my skin.

What I always do when I feel that a pimple is about to occur is to gently rub the soap on the contaminated part, leave it for about five minutes then wash it with cold fresh water.

I just hate the way the acne materializes on my face. It does not come about in numbers. I would only have one gigantic pimple that is often emphasized by a yellowish substance in the middle we call it pus and it sure is annoying that it is often painful.

Well, the benefits of safeguard do not just apply on my face or my underarms. It does kill bacteria and provides excellent germ protection for the whole family that until now, it is still the kind of soap that I get home to for a refreshing shower from a toilsome, humid day.

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