A lot of my friends call me vain; sometimes my girlfriend also says I am vain. I don’t really have a problem with that; I think taking care of yourself is very essential. But as much as we want to get things done ourselves especially when it comes to our hygiene, there are things we simply can’t do on our own.

When I first knew about RVB I thought this place was only for cosmetic surgery, but later on I learned that  it’s also a skincare place. The owner is a plastic surgeon and his wife was a dermatologist. At first, I only went here to accompany my girlfriend for her facials and really didn’t bother getting one for myself. The next visit, I decided to give it a go, anyways I’ll be waiting at the lounge doing nothing.

Now depending on the facial you get, it can be very relaxing and sometimes nasty. Most of the facials I get felt like a surgery without anesthesia. Kidding aside though, it’s seriously painful. Now I am not discouraging you from getting one, it’s something I think is essential as basic cleaning at home doesn’t really do all the works.  Good thing that the staff were very friendly. Unlike other places where I had my facials done before, the staff here engage you in a conversation while they do their thing on your face. Some places would leave you there like a dead body while they dig deep onto your pores just racing thru time to get things done. So I had warts removal done, basic facials and rejuvenating facials done on my next visits. I love the rejuvenating facials, very relaxing and it just feels so good on my face.

The clinic was spacious enough and the air-conditioning was very good. I also get to check the powder room and it was sparkly clean complete with toiletries and other essentials. The clinic also offers coupons and discounts for most of their services so it’s one way to get pampered while spending less. The after treatment service was also great. The owners formulated their own skincare products that you can buy at the clinic for a reasonable price. They have almost everything you need, from soothing creams, moisturizers, cleansers and even deodorants.

Since the owner is a cosmetic surgeon, you can also consult him regarding some cosmetic concerns you have that may need more than a cream or a facial treatment. Something that I just didn’t like was how the walls were built. You can hear the sound coming from the next door, which was a review center so imagine the kind of noise you’ll hear. The staff tried to mask it by playing songs on the background but it really did not work. But thinking about it, it’s building not the actual clinic.

So far, RVB is a place that’s worth a visit. From the services they offer, to their promos, to the staff – everything gets that thumbs up from me.

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