When I learned that I’ll be heading to Quezon province for work, I expected that I’ll be able to eat various specialties such as broas (type of bread) and Lucban Longganisa. But not only did I eat those, I also have a new found love with Rodillas Yema Cake!

I first heard about Rodillas Yema Cake when one of my office mates mentioned it when we’re on our way to Quezon province for work. My office mate said we should definitely buy yema cake. It seems there are several shops selling yema cakes throughout the province now, but my office mate said we should definitely go for the brand Rodillas because it’s the original.

Rodillas Yema Cake can be found in some┬ábakeries in Quezon province. But since Tayabas, Quezon is already part of our itinerary and the Rodillas store is located there, we decided to drop by. It’s the shop where the Original Rodillas Yema Cakes are baked, and I learned that from there they are distributed to bakeries and other shops for reselling. What’s good from getting it directly from their store is that┬áyou can buy it┬áat a lower price than those offered in resale shops and just seeing the original store is precious itself!

So, what’s with this yema cake? How good is it? Rodillas Yema Cake is basically chiffon cake, yema which serves as icing and topped with grated cheese. Just looking at it makes my mouth water! The chiffon cake is really spongy and soft! The yema is sweet but not to the point that it can make me sick and want to vomit. The taste is something one will really savor. I did! It’s sweet and even though I’m not into sweets that much, my palate find the taste really pleasant. I wouldn’t mind having it everyday for dessert!

A few days after the yema cake I bought was already gone, I started craving for it and wondered if there’s anyway I can buy it online. I’m so delighted that it’s so popular and some online shops are selling them! I’m glad I don’t have to go the Quezon every time I would like to satisfy my craving for the Rodillas Yema Cake! I can also share it with more of my loved ones!

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