It was the hot weather which prompted me and my friend to visit the acclaimed Rita’s Italian Ice in UP Town Center. Rita’s, which opened their first branch in Greenhills, hailed from the United States and is known for their ice and frozen custards.

Rita’s offers vast selection of Italian ice, which comes in 14 different flavors, together with 4 flavors of frozen custard. Aside from that, toppings such as gummy bears, chocolates and peanuts can also be added for an extra fee.

In UP Town, their product line up consisted of the italian ice, frozen custard, gelati, milkshake and blendini. For the Italian ice, sizes come in regular (100 php) , large (125 php) and quart (250 php). I wanted to try their famous Italian ice so I ordered a large chocolate one. On the other hand, my friend ordered the regular blendini (130 php). The regular blendini consisted of Italian ice topped with frozen custard.

The Italian ice was good but not that memorable. I would describe it as an upscale version of the famous Philippine “scramble”. The ice used was finer and the flavor was well blended with the ice. It’s a good alternative for ice cream if you have extra cash to spare. Finishing the large Italian ice was difficult. If you only want to have a taste, I suggest ordering a regular one.

Nevertheless, my friend also had a hard time finishing her regular blendini. The blendini was the perfect balance of icy and creamy. The strawberry ice and light vanilla custard with chopped walnuts was tasty and fulfilling to the stomache. On a side note, I have noticed that their ice melts slowly. Despite eating the frozen treat for more than thirty minutes, only part of it had melted. It was a refreshing and enjoyable treat for a hot summer day.

Overall, it was good experience. Rita’s Italian Ice has added more alternative cold treats, from the usual ice cream and shakes. With our hot weather, their frozen treats are greatly welcomed. If you have extra money to spare and you’re craving for something cold and new, I suggest that you try Rita’s Italian Ice.

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