Zap acne with a roll-on! First, I’ve never heard of an anti-blemish product that comes in a roll-on packaging before. Second, I have been relying on Tretinoin lotion from my dermatologist or Retin-A sold in Mercury Drugstores to banish my pimples. I have learned about Garnier’s Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on from a BDJ Box (a beauty blog and community) Product Review. Swayed by the review, I bought the product to get a first-hand experience.

This Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on guarantees to: 1) dry out imperfections and 2) visibly fade marks. A combination of purifying salicylic acid + HerbaRepair(TM) explains the concentrated formula which is supposed to dry out imperfections instantly, improve skin, minimize redness and fade out marks.

Being on the oily acne-prone side of the skin spectrum, I feel like the perfect guinea pig to test this product on. With a freshly washed face, I popped out this mini flashlight-like roll-on and loosened the cap. Its medicated smell, which is (probably) the scent of salicylic acid, immediately caught my attention. As I run the roll-on on my skin’s problem areas, I felt a cooling and slight tingling sensation. A few minutes later, the bumps dried out and redness is diminished. The next morning, I noticed that the bumps have shrunk and completely dried out. Old pimple marks have faded out and I didn’t see traces left. However, the new pimples developed into whiteheads, a sign that bacteria has moved to the surface.

My initial experience with this product has instantly made me into a convert. I am completely amazed by its honest-to-goodness product claims. I thought my acne problems would remain a lifelong ordeal but it gave me the solution (pun unintended) I need. I deeply swear by its effectiveness in combating stubborn acne. It’s Pure Active formula is truly powerful in acting at the very root cause of acne: oil and bacteria. This will never leave my beauty arsenal as it has earned its place as the most potent anti-imperfections roll-on I’ve ever met. At PhP 255, you can have a powerful blemish treatment within reach. If you’ve been suffering from acne-prone skin for long, this and good hygiene will give your skin a rest.

Photo is for illustration purposes only.

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