If you ever find yourself beach-hopping somewhere in Batangas, Philippines, you might want to wander off to a little-known resort called Virgin Beach Resort. My friends and I were looking for an escape from the stress of corporate life when we came across this beach. What we found is a seaside getaway where the water is surprisingly clear and the sand, fair, hence the name ‘Virgin Beach Resort’. Because it is a relatively new establishment, Virgin Beach Resort is one of the cleanest, most uncrowded beaches in the Philippines.

Unlike the other resorts in Batangas I’ve been to, you can actually walk barefoot on the clean sand. There aren’t many rocks scattered about. You can lie luxuriating in the sun, free of worries. Plus, although I find marine life like jellyfishes and starfishes quite beautiful from afar, I and a couple of my friends were relieved at their absence during our stay in the water. Our feet pedaled underwater happily and safely, whilst we chitchatted to our heart’s content.

Accommodations range from reasonable to luxurious. Facing the sleepy blue skies and incoming waves are curtained bamboo beds sheltered by pretty canopies. I found these cozy ‘Bed Parasols’ to be a great place for meditation. Rent costs as low as PhP 2,700.00, (good for 3 people, overnight). If you’re in for a real treat though, there is the ‘Casitas.’ These chic, air-conditioned mini-houses come with 2 queen-size beds, one toilet and bath, and a roomy veranda. The fee is a minimum of PhP 7,250.00 (good for 6 people, overnight). The busy bees may avail of the ‘Day Tour’ deal which gives you access to their ‘Picnicker’s Area’ and all its amenities. This costs a minimum of PhP 300.00 a day per person.

Out of all the beaches in Batangas I’ve been to, this one is my favorite because it’s the most unpolluted. Not to mention, there are so many picturesque spots photo enthusiasts can take advantage of. The downside is- there aren’t a lot of people but to me, that is a plus! I had fun walking along the coast and exploring the area with my friends while taking a picture at every turn. Virgin Beach is the perfect seaside sanctuary to relax and unwind. Here, my friends and I found relief from the strain of work. The lovely beachfront and open spaces induce a feeling of peacefulness. So for those who looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or even do a little soul-searching, you just might find just what you’re looking for here.

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