Do you want a place to stay whenever you want to relax? Or a place where you could enjoy a delicious yet nutritious milk tea? Then Cha Dao is the place for you. Located near St. Paul Manila in Pedro Gil, Cha Dao offers a wide variety of milk tea from red tea, black tea, and even green tea. They also offer specialty teas such as Wintermelon creme, Cha yen, Matcha etc. You also have the option on choosing how much sugar should be added to your tea. This is great for those who are avoiding diabetes and controlling their weight. Simple yet elegant Cha Dao provides the necessary services you would ask from a milk tea house.

Also, Cha Dao provides optimum service too. They provide you your tea within less than 15 minutes and assist you on even the menial concerns of having the aircon on. They also offer free wifi which is ideal for those who are doing research or work which requires internet connection. This has become a favorite milk tea house for my group mates who are craving for milk tea yet are busy on finishing some activities which are needed to be done. This give us the best of both worlds, satisfying our cravings and at the same time giving us a pleasant atmosphere to work on our academics.

The only problem with the said tea house is its small space. Since people spend some time here, the chairs and tables allotted are always occupied and waiting for a seat to be vacant is one of its major drawbacks. This only proves that Cha Dao offers their customers satisfaction and are always in demand, even if it means waiting for a few minutes. Because once you have tasted one of their best teas, you would want to come back and try the other flavors too.

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