When I’m on a budget but I want to eat something Japanese, I would usually go for Tokyo Tokyo. It may not be one of the authentic Japanese restaurants out there, but it can somehow serve as an alternative and I can still get my fix.

One time, I went to Ayala with my boyfriend. Like what we usually do when we’re there, we went back and forth SM Makati, Glorietta Complex, The Landmark, and Greenbelt Shopping Center since all four of those are in the same area. When dinner time came, we found ourselves inside Glorietta and our legs were dead tired already. Since we decided to cut off on expenses that day, we decided to eat at Tokyo Tokyo.

We asked a roaming security guard where Tokyo Tokyo is inside Glorietta but he answered that the nearest branch is in Greenbelt. We gave up on the idea of going to Greenbelt since our legs were about to give up. We just randomly walked into a part of Glorietta where there are many food choices, there are both fast food and fine dining restaurants.

We chanced upon Red Kimono. Looking from the outside, it has this sophisticated feel with its dim light and stylish tables and chairs. I actually thought it’s an expensive restaurant but we saw their price list posted outside and it turns out that their prices are very affordable! And so, we decided to go for it.

I opted for prawn tempura, while my boyfriend chose chicken teriyaki. Their steamed with rice is ordered separately but they will be served together in a bento box. It was a busy dinner time. The service was irritatingly slow and we had to follow up on our order twice. While their service was extremely slow, their food serving is pretty big. I was surprised our bento boxes even came with yasai itame or stir fried vegetables. There are 6 pieces of prawn tempura on my bento box.

I’m really glad about the amount, but I was saddened that after a bite, it turns out to be mostly batter and the prawns are actually just half the sized of it. It tastes good though, I have nothing against the taste. The yasai itame was just so-so. I tried my boyfriend’s chicken teriyaki too, and it was great! I even thought it would be good if I went for chicken teriyaki too! Well, I’ll go for it next time! The sauce of the teriyaki complemented the well-cooked chicken.

Red Kimono is a good Tokyo Tokyo alternative, their menu is even more extensive. I guess I’m going to try more of their dishes on times when I’m on a budget and I found myself in Glorietta Complex again!

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