Dry, chapped lips are a no-no for every age; your lips need as much nourishment as the rest of your face. Avon Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip Balm solves the problem pretty well, coming in three classic flavors: Strawberry, Peach and Cherry. It moisturizes my lips and provides essential sunscreen so that my puckers would not get baked in the sun. I also found out that when coupled with a toothbrush, it makes lip exfoliation a breeze since it softens dry skin and makes it easier to come off. Result: smooth kissable lips.

One of Avon’s classic products, it has become my favorite since I encountered it in high school. It leaves lips glossy with a hint of color, and can be worn alone or under lipstick or gloss. The sweet fruity flavor and smell makes you want to reapply it again and again, which my girlfriends often did. I dig the Strawberry flavor because it smells like strawberry icing on my favorite donuts; plus, the boyfriend loves the taste of it on my lips. I also love that it can be applied discreetly even in public when touching up with lip color is impossible, due to its ultra sheer color. Simply swipe it on and no one will notice that you have primped in public. All they will notice is your healthy, plump lips!

Avon Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip Balm goes for a reasonable price of PhP 120 each, but as Avon often have their products on sale, you can even get this fruity yummy gloss for as low as PhP 69. A real steal, if you ask me. However, there is a minor downside on using this product: if you get carried away on reapplying this balm, some waxy film starts accumulating on the sides of your lips. Nothing that a swipe of hankie could not handle, though. All in all, the product gives good value for your money, given its size, color and moisture pay-off, plus its delicious flavor.

I definitely recommend this product to girls of all ages (I mean ALL ages, really) to experience moisturized lips anytime, anywhere, and to enjoy a mood boost brought about by the yummy, totally lick-able flavors that will take you to your happy place.


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