After my visit to the salon yesterday, I decided to have a Japanese treat for myself. I went to Rai Rai Ken in SM Fairview, a place I often see when I stroll the mall but haven’t got the time to visit. I’ve been craving for seafood the whole week, so I ordered the seafood Bento since I’m a rice person. Rai Rai Ken’s food offerings include variants of bento, ramens, Japanese rolls, chicken, beef, chicken and pork dishes and desserts. They also have group/family meals available for groups of people.

As a force of habit, I observed Rai Rai Ken’s place while also waiting for my order. The place is clean and organized, the seats and tables where customers eat are made of long wooden tables resembling the traditional Japanese dinner tables. The restaurant staff all wear some kind of a kimono costume which made me feel like I’m dining in a Japanese restaurant. They all bow their heads when greeting customers just like how people from Japan show respect to each other.

In SM Fairview branch, the diners can see how food is being prepared since the location of the kitchen preparation area is stationed near the customer tables! I can see clearly how creative they prepare their dishes and it amazed me how confident they are in what they do, because if I were them, I’d be very conscious with my every move as I cook the food. This shows how well-trained the staffs are on handling food and it just made me drool even more as I watch them cook each savory dish.

When my seafood bento meal order arrived, I was a bit surprised because each serving in the bento box is very plenty! I can’t imagine myself finishing all the contents of my bento! Rai Rai Ken is generous when it comes to the serving size and two people can share a bento. The Japanese rice is to-die for, I love the texture of the rice and I feel kind of heavy after consuming only a half portion of the rice! So the dish I ordered is meant to be eaten by two people!

Aside from the rice, the vegetable, shrimp and calamari tempura all taste really good. You can really compare the difference between the tempura prepare from a commercialized Japanese restaurant from the authentic one – the seafoods are fresh, batter covering the seafood is scrumptious. The Mixed Veggies still has that crunch on them which means vegetables are cooked just the right way, not overcooked nor undercooked. The Beef Misono dish is also delicious, the meat is properly cooked and not hard to chew. Rai Rai Ken’s dishes are priced higher compared to other Japanese restaurants but since sharing is really a must when eating bentos in Rai Rai Ken, the price is still affordable.

I would definitely come back to this place on my next gastronomic adventure and I hope everyone would share the same experience I had with this restaurant.

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