I’m going to share my thoughts on 4 branches of Rack’s I’ve been to, they are Rack’s branches at The Fort Strip, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and Festival Supermall.

Before anything else, I’ll comment on the food first. The house specialties of Rack’s are to die for! My most favorite among their house specialties is Premium Boneless Pork, I fell in love with it at first taste! It’s real tender and tastes great! There’s nothing special with the side dishes, but they are fresh and they taste good too.

Their pastas are just so-so. For drinks, I always go for their brewed iced tea. It’s brewed but it’s not that strong and it’s ice-cold refreshing! In my opinion, it’s almost the same food taste for each branch and they offer the same prices.

Here’s my review for the 4 Rack’s branches I’ve been to:

Rack’s at The Fort Strip (Bonifacio Global City/BGC)

  • Service: The crew members are very attentive and all smiles. They usually serve food within a reasonable amount of time
  • Ambiance: This branch is not the busiest. It really has a feel of a calm restaurant where you can fully enjoy your food
  • Location: If unfortunately you’re like me who doesn’t have a car, it’s quite a walk when you’re coming from where the BGC bound buses stop. This can’t make me stop from coming to this branch though!

Rack’s in SM Megamall

  • Service: There was this time when I ate here with my boyfriend, we ordered Premium Boneless Pork but got Beef Ribs instead. The crew member could’ve asked to confirm our order but he didn’t. We didn’t complain anymore since their Beef Ribs is also great
  • Ambiance: This is a busy branch. The crew members pass by our table back and forth whenever I eat here with my boyfriend
  • Location: It’s very accessible at the connecting bridge of SM Megamall buildings A and B

Rack’s in SM Mall of Asia

  • Service: Service is fast, but they don’t have the warmest crew members
  • Ambiance: Pretty spacious. And, you can view the sunset!
  • Location: It’s easy to find at the corner of the long strip of restaurants near SM By The Bay!

Rack’s in Festival Supermall

  • Service: This branch upsets me. There was a time when I went with my boyfriend, we were helping the crew member who was serving us because she’s having a hard time placing everything we ordered on the table since it’s cramped already. I was surprised when the crew member placed the last platter she’s serving on my boyfriend’s hand, then she left! How rude! The crew members are not attentive too. It always takes them long to prepare orders and even receipts! So disappointing
  • Ambiance: Not spacious enough.
  • Location: This is hard to find with Festival Supermall’s tricky floor plan

I’m just glad that food quality is not sacrificed in these branches I’ve been to. My favorite Rack’s branch is the one at The Fort Strip because everything was great in there!

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