It’s quite a surprise to find a charming hotel in the busy streets of Lucena City town proper in the province of Quezon. This charm is Queen Margarette Hotel’s Downtown branch. I wasn’t expecting a classy hotel at all since we were in the province and its facade is undeniably plain. It turns out that I shouldn’t really judge something by the cover at all.

Upon heading to the reception desk, we were greeted by the friendly receptionist. Their reception area is captivating on its own. It has a very nice touch with comfy and stylish couches, glass figurines and framed works are on display as well. We have 2 big luggage and the receptionist was thoughtful enough to send a staffer to assist us going to our room.

We occupied a junior suite (one queen-sized bed, with cable TV, air-conditioned). The room is pretty spacious if it wasn’t for the extra bed we requested because there are three of us. The room is on par with the hotel’s chic reception. The bed is nice, not too hard but not too soft either. There’s a vanity desk for when you want to put on your make-up. The bath has a see-through shower area which appears playful on their part but is totally fun. Of course, a water heater is available. A blow dryer is provided as well, just in case your hair needs a fix and you don’t have your blow dryer with you. With all these, its ₱3250 rate is clearly not bad.

Their resident food provider Kimsuy offers complimentary breakfast and they have the famous Lucban longganisa on their menu. It’s something you just have to eat when you’re in Quezon! Kimsuy offers mini-buffet breakfast on some days. Their dining area won’t lose to their reception area and suites, it’s well-groomed with a modern Victorian decor, even the tables and chairs.

They offer free Wi-Fi access, but I didn’t bother with it since I have my mobile data that time so I can’t really tell if their Wi-Fi connection is good. Some might be curious if they have a pool, sadly, they don’t. It’s fine since I went there for work. I heard their main branch has a pool and a spa, though. Even then, I have my two thumbs up on this Downtown branch. It’s nice that at the end of each tiring day of work at Lucena, Queen Margarette provided a very comfortable accommodation.

The Queen Margarette Hotel’s Downtown branch is located at M.L. Tagarao St. Granja St. Lucena City, Quezon. For more information on Queen Margarette Hotel, you can check out their website here.


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