The holiday season is here again and it means food celebration! Are you looking for something to add to your ‘noche buena’ or ‘media noche’ menu? Make sure you have ham in your list! Ham is a significant part of any occasion particularly Christmas in all nations of the world. And speaking of ham, I proudly recommend Purefoods Pear-shaped Ham. What is so special about it? Let me tell you.

What I like about Purefoods Pear-shaped Ham is it is juicy, meaty and tasty. You can taste real pork in every slice of it. I can see its juices and taste its spices. It is irresistibly delicious! It does not taste like it has a high amount of sodium unlike other brands.

Aside from its delectable taste, its meat is tender and fairly lean. I can easily slice it with a knife or pierce it with a fork. I can barely see fats.

Everyone in my family likes Purefoods Pear-shaped Ham. We cooked two whole hams last Christmas and they were so tasty that we did not have leftovers. It made our Christmas eve very special and momentous. We will surely have some in every occasion then.

Another thing I like about Purefoods Pear-shaped Ham is it is very affordable. You can buy one for as low as 199 Php (that is, 800 g) and it is good for 4 – 5 people. I got the caramelized version. Before I thought we could not afford to buy one. I even thought ham was only for the rich. Thanks to Purefoods! I can always have a tasty and budget-friendly ham for my family. And I can say that our ham cravings have been satisfied. I am thinking to give one as a holiday present to a couple of friends.

I have never tasted any ham like Purefoods before. Everything that I am looking for in a ham is with it. With Purefoods Pear-shaped Ham, every day feels like Christmas! It turns an ordinary meal into a special one. It is perfect for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest supermarket and purchase one for yourself and loved ones.

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