If Boracay has its white sand as its pride, Puerto Galera has its “freshness” to offer! 🙂 Without so much tourists coming in, one can really enjoy the blue waters of the Galera seas. I’m sure that adventurers and travelers would know about Puerto Galera in the Island of Mindoro, such a Paradise for me.

Just before last year, I would say that I’m not really a traveler, I would love to just sit on the couch than go swimming with my family during vacations. However, last year’s experience made me a “travel-addict person”. My  sister and her friends decided to go on a tour in Mindoro, particularly in Puerto Galera,and I was invited to join them. Just as we are preparing for our departure from our home in Pangasinan, I was having a second thought of not going but my sister insisted that I should join them, so I did.

We rode on a bus going to Manila (bring all the things you would need; I am more of a carry-it-all person). We traveled for 4 hours straight. Upon our arrival in Manila, we went to the Jam Liner (or you may choose the Jack Liner, which is way better). We traveled for 2 hours going to Batangas Pier, then we purchased tickets for the Blue Penguin Boat Services. Another 2 hours of traveling on the sea and ALAS, the island of Puerto Galera! I have been to two Boating Piers, on the Mainland where all the bars and nightlife lingers and the on the other island pier is where our Resort is situated. From the Island pier to the Mainland, it would be 15 minutes (via land) and 10 minutes (via boat), either your resort has its transpo. service or you may ride a trike.

When you’re already at the mainland you must wait until the sun sets and you’ll have a nightlife the same as with Boracay’s!

I personally liked the huge stones on the shore, you can sit at the top and enjoy the view 🙂 Locals are also very kind. I would just want to advice you about their food, it’s not as cheap as I expected! Nevertheless, Galera experience is yet the best!

Image courtesy: lakwatseradeprimera

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