I recently purchased the Powervision S1 Gimbal from Shopee and I must say, I’m quite impressed with it. As someone who has owned a few smartphone and action camera gimbals in the past, I find the S1 Gimbal to be unique in terms of its size and overall design.

Firstly, I was impressed with the way Shopee packaged the product. It came complete with full-colored, visual help prints which made it very easy to understand how to unfold and use the gimbal. The guide arrows are a nice touch and make it easy to follow the instructions.

The S1 Gimbal is small and compact, making it easy to carry around. It folds neatly and the finish feels leathery, not slippery, which is great when I’m out and about taking photos and videos. The buttons are in their perfect places and I can operate the gimbal entirely with one hand. The magnetized phone clamp works perfectly and the magnets are strong enough to hold my phone securely in place.

However, I did notice that my phone gets quite hot while using it with the S1 Gimbal, which is something to keep in mind. Additionally, there is a huge gaping hole at the back of the gimbal which one of its motors occupies when the gimbal isn’t in use. It doesn’t affect how the gadget works, but it was surprising to see it there.

To get the most out of the S1 Gimbal, I had to install the app which has its own camera and all the settings are located there. I’m pretty sure that even if I don’t install the app, I can still use the gimbal, but to some extent, I wouldn’t be able to use the other features, like perhaps calibrating it.

Overall, I really like this gimbal because it’s small in size and I can carry it around like a powerbank, only much lighter. The design is sleek and it’s easy to use. If you’re in the market for a smartphone gimbal, the Powervision S1 Gimbal is definitely worth considering.

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Powervision S1 Gimbal Review 2023

I recently purchased the compact Powervision S1 Gimbal from Shopee, and it's impressive how easily it folds and fits in my pocket like a power bank. The leathery finish provides a good grip, and all buttons, including zoom and joystick, are located in perfect places for easy one-handed operation. The magnetized phone clamp works perfectly, and the back hole doesn't affect the gimbal's performance, although my phone gets hot while using it.

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