The reason why I bought this rechargeable water dispenser is not because I need it but my sister and mom need it. They live in another city and the manual water dispenser has become a pain in the neck to use. Every time they empty a gallon, that means they have to replace it with another one — and that’s heavy!

Fast forward, I first saw this automated, rechargeable water pump dispenser when I went to a friend house. I was amazed how simple it works. Although it makes weird noises, but hey, I really can’t complain of a 200-peso product. Last week, I ordered mine from in Shopee. It wasn’t that cheap like what my friend has, but it’s still cheap. I bought it for 451.00 pesos + shipping. 

Good thing they also had this flexible adapter cause I was also looking for that like crazy. I have this CCTV bulb camera that I needed to mount but the installed bulb socket was in an inclined position, and so I definitely need this too.

The verdict? Well, I would say this product is a great help especially for seniors and on all girls family members. No more carrying and inverting of heavy-loaded water gallons. Am I recommending this? I would.

Portable Automatic USB Rechargeable Electric Water Pump Dispenser Bottle Review - Webbline

It lasted for 6 months and counting! This is one of the best purchased I've made in Shopee.

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