Poisonous materials, venomous plants and animals are all around us and some of us may have accidentally ingested, touched or bitten (e.g. snake bites). When this happens, visit a poison control unit right away. Do not wait for the symptoms to appear.

Hospitals with poison venom control unit (all regions)

Common poisons include

Alcohol, illegal drugs; unconscious and or having a seizureMushrooms; swallowed a poisonous variant
BatteriesMedicine; taken too much
Cleaning productsMedicine; taken but not prescribed
Firecracker, fireworks; swallowed or injured by itPesticide, motor oil; swallowed
Hair gel, perfume; swallowed cosmetic productsSnake bites; venomous kinds
Insect bites; stuck or bitten and showing allergic reactionToxic substance; exposure to the skin

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