I am really in love with this energy drink I first tasted it two weeks ago. It is called Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Drink. Yesterday I just bought six bottles. I plan and aim to drink one per day.

I thought Pocari Sweat was just mineral water. Well, it looks like plain water at first glance. I got smitten by its cute and unique bottle. It looks sturdy unlike other cheap PET bottles. I like its taste. It tastes like Mountain Dew with water. I also like its scent. It smells like fresh coconut juice. I even thought it got some coconut juice when I first opened it.

Pocari Sweat is the best energy drink I have tried so far. It is what I drink now after having my zumba dance exercise in the morning. It easily quenches my thirst and quickly replenishes the water in my body when I perspire. I know this because I feel refreshed after drinking it. It gives my empty tummy a “full feeling.” In fact, my three year old tutee drinks it often and she loves it too! It is also safe for kids I guess. Well, I read its nutrition label and it is more of ions which are good for the body.

I introduced Pocari Sweat to my brother and he likes it so much. He said it is more than water and better than a soda. Even my mom drinks it sometimes. We just can’t get enough of it. I think the 350 ml bottle is never enough. I prefer it to any other juices or soft drinks for I know that it is healthy.

Perhaps it would be better if Pocari Sweat has different flavors too. I suggest natural fruit extracts like apple, strawberry, pineapple, lemon and orange.

Pocari Sweat is really affordable. You can buy a 350 ml bottle for only 24.50 Php and a 500 ml bottle for just 34.50 Php. Why worry about the price if it can benefit your body a lot?

I strongly recommend Pocari Sweat to those individuals who perspire a lot and do tedious activities like sports. I am that type of person who loves moving around and being busy with household chores. I easily perspire and when I do, I sweat a bucket. Pocari Sweat is definitely my drink and it will be yours too.

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