Exactly a year after my Globe Broadband was installed it’s now acting like a crazy nut. Crazy in the tune of me having to report it to Globe once every 2 weeks or worse every week. This is totally unacceptable because I work at home and having no Internet connection means no food in my table.

I do have a pocket wifi, so whenever this bad luck strikes, I simply use my prepaid broadband SIMs. The other side of the coin is that prepaid connection has an 800mb bandwidth cap. If you’re always online, you absolutely know that 800mb is a crap, so I usually end up loading 4 times, that’s Php 200.00 per day for an 8-hour use.

Then PLDT Ultera came to the rescue. I got the promo Php 699.00 for a 30gb-monthly allocation. 30gb isn’t something you smile about but since I’m only using this as a backup connection I couldn’t care less. What I really like about the PLDT Ultera is that you can actually pull out the SIM from the antenna and then put it in your 4G-ready gadget. I just tested mine from 2 separate locations and it’s working perfectly.

The speed is acceptable, around 2mbps and it’s consistent all throughout. If my calculations are correct, you’ll be able to save around Php 240.00 pesos compared to using the Php 50.00 load for every 800mb, for the same 30gb quota.

My Ultera is just 1 month old and so far I’m satisfied. I know it’s too early to say this because I know a lot of you had suffered from reduced connection by the time you hit the 2nd or 3rd month. But for now, it’s doing OK.  If you’re planning to use PLDT Ultera as your primary connection, think again. 30gb a month translates to 1gb per day and you can easily consume this with 3 YouTube videos. Once you hit your quota, say in the middle of the month, then expect it to throttle to the point that it will become useless.

However, if you only do Facebook, I think Plan 699 is a perfect fit. One more thing, you can actually purchase add-ons, say 10gb for Php 249.00 added to your monthly bill, still a far cry from an unlimited connection.

To answer the question again. Yes, you can remove the SIM from the antenna and insert it on a 4G-capable gadget. Why? Because you want it to use anywhere.

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