Money can’t buy happiness. We hear that often, we know it, and we believe it. Then again, you just can’t deny the fact that money is able to buy material things that allow you to enjoy life. You need money to get a good education. You need money to be able to buy food…food that you prepare for your family so they will not go hungry. Money can buy happiness, albeit, it is a different type of happiness that many stories, movies, and articles would probably define differently.

So when families get separated because one has to work elsewhere, knowing that you have a trustworthy partner that would work as the ‘bridge’ is something that you need to have. You need to ensure that loved-ones are able to receive he hard-earned money you work for. After all, that is the purpose of being away from your family, right? You need to find the best ‘middle person’ or bridge that would allow you to be able to send money to anywhere in the Philippines from any part of the world without having to spend expensively on extra charges just to send it.

First off, while there are many brands and known names that allow you to send money, like any business, there will always be a charge…a fee. That’s why you need to know which company has the best rates. And while money can easily exchange hands through banks as well, always think ‘how much is the fee just to send a certain amount?’ Having a comparison chart will allow you to know these rates and at the same time be certain that while money can’t buy happiness, at least it is worth it to know that your loved ones are still enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

There are many money-padala companies. You have LBC, ML Kwarta Padala, Palawan Express, RD Pawnshop…to name a few. With the comparison chart, not only will you be able to know domestic kwarta padala rates, you would know which companies charge higher than others. Another piece of information that you may have to know too, is if there are several branches of your chosen company to send money through…especially if the place you would be sending to is not within the city. So treat your money well, but treat your family even better with a sure-fire partner when sending money to them.

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