I am a product-whore. I enjoy trying different products that come out in the market. But my unfaithfulness came at a price; I contracted the itch.

The itch…

I am talking about an irritated scalp, the hefty price of hopping from one shampoo to another. I had to have my scalp tested and treated at a salon. True enough, my scalp was flaking badly and there were patches of red all over my head. What’s worse is that, my sebaceous glands were reacting like hell: I had an irritated scalp and greasy hair.

The salon professional advised me that, more important than the treatment that I was getting for my scalp that day – was the maintenance that my scalp would be getting. He did not recommend a product, but he did say I should watch out for hair products with harsh chemicals.

I was out in the open, trying to put my product-whoring to good use. Until I came upon this shampoo: Petal Fresh. I chanced upon it while doing the regular groceries. I got it for 288Php at an SM Hypermarket, hidden amongst the stacks of more popular shampoos. Oddly enough, I neither had to go to specialty shops that exclusively sell cosmetics and vanity items, nor did I have to pay a hefty price.

Unlike most products that boasts of what their concoction contains, this shampoo’s bragging rights is in what it does NOT contain. Petal fresh is paraben-free, color-free, phalate-free and sulfate-free (it has preservatives, but they have an all-natural base).

It uses all natural ingredients; reminiscent of the feeling of picking from your own garden the herbs that you use for cooking.

It gently cleanses my scalp and conditions my hair. It is hypo-allergenic, and perfectly safe to use… none of the overpowering fragrances that most shampoos have. Petal Fresh has this very smooth and subtle scent that is just utterly soothing. The best part is that it is certified to be organic. I am not an organic nut, but I think with this I am starting to contemplate it.

I can go back to wearing my favorite dark-colored blouses and blazers that I so love. My scalp isn’t flaking anymore. I am cured from the itch.

If you want a go-to, foolproof basic hair product, start with this Shampoo.

To Petal Fresh, I am certainly faithful.

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