I really love spices and this is what made Pepper Lunch piqued my interest. Since it has the word “pepper” in its name, I just knew I’m going to love the meals they offer because pepper is one of my favored condiments.

I went there during lunch time, I was with my boyfriend. You have to line up so they can punch in your orders, then you can go to any table and wait until your order is served. The ambiance inside this branch is just right, not really chic or elegant, but it’s on a more simple side, using light colors for the tables, chairs, and the walls. It’s not a fine dining restaurant, but it’s more expensive than your regular fast food chains. Nonetheless, one cannot questioned their prices because their meals would not disappoint tummies, and even your eyes.

We ordered their Beef Pepper Rice and Chicken Pepper rice. The crew member who got our orders is kind enough to wait because we were a little slow in deciding what to get. After placing our order, we chose a table where we can view the bay. As we know, SM Mall of Asia is a mall located at the seaside boulevard. The serving of order was not the fastest, but I can forgive that since when I saw our food, I was too happy. The arrangement was too pleasing to the eyes, and each serving was big. It was such a delight.

We started mixing our pepper rice. It was kind of hard to sustain my excitement, because I wanted to dig in already the first time I set my eyes on it! I started eating my beef pepper rice and it was so good, you can sense the flavors really well. The beef was tender and was cooked just right. The rice was a winner as well, because it was well blended with the taste of the condiments. I also tasted my boyfriend’s share, well I just can’t miss trying it, so I did. The chicken was so good too! It was cooked very well and just like the beef, it was also tender. Both the beef and chicken were very easy to chew.

It’s good food accompanied by good service. There are some feedback forms neatly placed on tables so you can give them feedback. Of course, I gave them positive feedback for the laudable food and service. My experience eating at Pepper Lunch in SM Mall of Asia was great for both my eyes and my tummy!

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