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Paotsin Review

Siomai and dimsums are Chinese delicacies that can now be considered as street food here in the Philippines. We often buy these from stands on places where other street vendors also sell a whole lot of other street food. We’re used to eating it steamed, at least how it is really cooked but Filipinos are so creative that we began frying it and I love just how this is done at Paotsin.

Located in malls, most of the time at the supermarket area this siomai place is dear to me. This makes me shake off the stress I get when trying to get groceries… the lines and the price of the goods nowadays. I always drop by to buy and eat here if my time permits. So the place itself if located in a grocery hall is a typical food vendor. You order your food, you pay and eat. There usually aren’t any chairs available so you eat it while standing. I guess this is the only thing that I do not like as it’s very inconvenient but the siomai really taste good.

They have variety of flavors available, I love the potstickers and the spicy ones which I know are also available in other siomai stores. However, I think what they have here is more or the actual ingredient instead of the extenders and flour. It’s very easy to notice whether you’re eating a quarter of the actual product and everything else — extenders and flour. They have condiments which really does not differ from other vendors but the cleanliness and sanitation is a bit more observed by their staff than other stores, I think. And their rice was something new for me. Seeing it first, I thought it was of a pandan flavor because it was green in color. But after trying it, I realized it really wasn’t. They call it ‘lamak’ rice, though I can’t figure out how they cook it. Maybe it’s just food coloring, or maybe it’s added flavoring to the rice. But one thing for sure, they serve rice very generously.

I also liked the way they balance the unhealthiness of the oil used for frying the siomai with healthier options for  drinks. Their branch at one of the supermarket chains in Moonwalk Las Piñas only has coconut juice available for sale. They do not have the usual black gulaman that is often available for these kinds of food stalls, not even sodas. So it’s either you have water or coconut juice.

Overall, I think Paotsin is worth a try and one of my favorite go-to meals at the moment. Three out of five starts that is.

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