My baby son loves to cuddle-he’s the type who enjoys napping in my arms and sleeps with constant skin contact with me. I love that he’s affectionate at such a young age-especially with his baby soft, smooth skin. But then, baby’s skin is very sensitive to many things, and the AC, while affords him comfort from the heat, can also cause dryness. I had to step in and protect his skin from dryness and irritation, with the help of Nivea Baby Moisturizing Lotion.

Nivea  Baby Moisturizing Lotion is such a find; it has zero alcohol, parabens and colorants. While many baby lotions offer moisturizing benefits and hypoallergenic quality, I feel safer knowing that no harsh chemical touches my baby’s skin when I use Nivea Baby. It is also non-greasy; the moment I massage it into his skin, it is immediately absorbed and there is no sticky after-feel. He enjoys his daily after-bath massage with this lotion. Plus, the smell is so mild. While other lotions cover the natural baby smell we love with our babies, Nivea Baby moisturizing Lotion somehow enhances it.

It does not overpower the baby’s natural scent nor contrast with the smell of other baby products you use. Baby skin is also very sensitive. Not everything that you apply on baby’s skin agrees with it, but there is no need to worry because Nivea Baby is dermatologist-tested with both dermatologists and pediatricians giving the seal of approval, it certainly can put the minds of loving, caring parents like you and me to rest. It also protects my baby’s skin by forming a barrier against dust and allergens. What a combo, isn’t it? I massage it even in his creases yet no residue remains-all the moisturizing goodness of this aloe Vera formulated lotion is absorbed by his skin, making it even softer, smooth and ready for more cuddles and hugs.

For a product that is paraben-free, Nivea Baby moisturising Lotion is easy to find in any major drugstore and supermarkets here in the Philippines, unlike other products for babies that claim the same. You even have to order these products online, while all you have to do to get Nivea is to buy it from a local pharmacy or even simpler, pick it off a shelf while doing your grocery shopping.

Plus, it is super-affordable too! Given its price of P120 or so for a 200ml bottle (depends on where you buy it), it is cost-efficient since you don’t have to use a lot in order to enjoy its skin-pampering goodness. Can I also add that it works wonders on mommy’s skin too? I find it soothing to my skin, so mild but effective. No more dry marks on my skin since I used this product.  We both reap the moisturizing goodness of aloe Vera –even if we are always in an air-conditioned room.

So if you want to experience the pampering Nivea Baby moisturizing Lotion has to give, grab a bottle now and enjoy its mild but caring benefits.

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