Maybelline Eye And Lip Makeup Remover

The Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover instantly removes all eye and lip makeup, even waterproof and non-transfer ones. It has a formulation which suits sensitive eyes. It is especially very gentle for delicate skin around the eye area.  You will see the liquid inside the bottle, it has a blue oil based formulation so you have to shake well before using. Just soak a cotton pad with the lotion and apply on your eyes or lips to start removing your makeup.

I just passed through one of the Maybelline counters at the mall, then noticed that this makeup remover only cost Php 99.00 for the 40ml bottle.  So, knowing that it is affordable and manufactured by a well known cosmetic brand, I instantly bought it without having second thoughts.

I have been using this particular makeup remover for over a year now. The reason that I keep repurchasing is simple, it is very affordable and it works. This makeup remover has a very mild and pleasant scent, like baby oil. On regular days, I just soak a bit of the product on my cotton pad, pat it on my eye for a few seconds then gently swipe off my waterproof eyeliner and mascara away.  The only downside to this is that you will need a bit more of it on your cotton to remove all traces of eye makeup, especially if you occasionally use false eyelashes. So, the 40ml bottle only lasted for about a month. If you do decide to give this a try just buy the 120ml bottle, it is still affordable at PhP 198.00.

I have tried quite a few makeup removers from both drugstore and high end brands with different formulations, so I must say I am surprised. This oil-based makeup remover is effective considering the price. So if you are on a beauty budget, I would definitely recommend the Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.

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Breathe Life to an Older PC with Process Lasso

Back here in the Philippines (and probably elsewhere), people would rather let their old, antiquated personal computers collect dust rather than ditching them away. Most of us value stuff in terms of their association to people and events in our lives; hence, the difficulty to replace or get rid of them. Or, we just don’t have the money yet to buy a new one. That’s all right 🙂

Reality bites when it’s time to use that PC in today’s demanding computing environment. Its archaic processing power won’t simply keep it on top performance. We become anxious and oftentimes ballistic seeing how the system hangs or crawls when launching Excel or our favorite Facebook page. But here’s a good news for those who can’t afford the latest jaw-dropping tech gadgets. Process Lasso could save your days of headaches and frustrations as it did to me if you just give it a try.

First off, Process Lasso is definitely not a heaven-sent software. It may or may not boost the current speed of your PC, especially the newer ones. I’m no expert so I can’t tell you all the technicalities behind it. Though experience tells me that Process Lasso on my Pentium 4 PC did offer a significant improvement in system speed and responsiveness.

PCs and laptops tend to lose speed due to many factors. For instance, normal human beings, like you and me, don’t really care how much digital trash is dump into the system right? Hell, some of us don’t even know there is such a thing existed! And, if you’re that typical guy who doesn’t even vacuum the dirt inside the casing, the digital trash is probably at tenfold.

Getting rid of the digital trash can significantly improve the system’s overall performance. You can do this by deleting unwanted files, uninstalling apps that you don’t use anymore, making sure that your hardware (e.g. hard disk, memory sticks, video card) are working just fine, updating software drivers and above all, getting rid of trojans, malwares or viruses that could be lurking inside your system.

Spring cleaning takes time, no doubt about it, but it’s as important as taking a bath as to humans. Once you’re done, install Process Lasso and you’ll surely witness your PC getting a little bit faster and more streamlined this time. Here’s their website where you can download this awesome, free software.

My Experience with Asus Memopad ME172V

Asus is a trusted brand in PC computing no wonder it took no time for me to decide I got to have one — Asus Memopad ME172v. This tablet is neither top of the line nor a gamer tablet, which perfectly fits because I’m not looking for any of those either. The idea of tapping into miniaturized and error-prone keyboard are just beyond me, not to mention that it hurts my eyes staring on its glaring screen for a while. However, tablets are tablets and they here to stay so why not take advantage of their portability in “Twittering” and “Facebooking” friends and family just before bedtime.

As I’ve mentioned, the real reason why I’ve bought Asus Memopad despite its low specs over the otherwise popular and budget-friendly tablets in the market is because of the fact that I want something that lasts a little longer. My research tells me that the proliferation of dirt-cheap tablets with their powerful processors is simply not enough push for me, just yet, to grab and own one.

Acknowledging its limited processing power, only those I considered essentials apps remained installed. Feedly, for one, handles my RSS subsriptions as well as the GMail app to check my multiple email addresses. And with great reservations, I uninstalled Twitter and Facebook apps because those two reside and run all the time, eating the precious memory and processing power that would have been available to further speed up this gadget.

You can say it’s a pretty boring gadget with no bells and whistles to ramp it up but I’m actually quite satisfied with it. I can run two of my favorite games — Magicka and Temple Run and read my morning news whenever I want. Battery performance is quite good too, which takes approximately 2 full hours for a full recharge and 4-6 hours discharge time in continuous usage.

This guy also comes with a USB OTG (on-the-Go). It looks like a micro-USB with a standard USB female socket at the other end. I’ve tried it with USB flash drive and USB keyboard and both worked flawlessly. It is therefore safe to assume that whatever you plug into your computer’s USB ports would work into this gadget as well. A friend told me that you can actually use a standard USB plug-it modem for Internet connection as it lacks the 3G connectivity (only WIFI)… sweet! And unlike other tablets, I don’t have to bring it to Asus every time a critical update is available. Everything is pushed via the Internet.

If you’re planning to buy this tablet, think of your needs first and keep your expectations down minimum. Well, I did and that is to buy a tablet that won’t give me headaches in a pocket-friendly package.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Review

I’ve been to Cagayan De Oro countless times and I must say that the city have improved since then. I’ve been to few areas in Mindanao like Iligan, Marawi, Camiguin and Bukidnon. Apart from my love for Camiguin because of their hot and cold springs, I consider Bukidnon as a must getaway destination.

In Bukidnon, you will see the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation, but on the other hand, it’s not just about pineapple and all but they have this newly built attraction and that is Dahilayan Adventure Park. If you are a thrill seeker, loves adventure and wants some adrenalin rush or simply you just want to unwind, away from the hustle bustle city life then head out to Dahilayan Forest Park located in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

It was my first time and I must say I fell in love with the place the moment I got there. The pine trees welcome us and I felt like I am in another country because it was fogging at that time plus the country style look of the entire place. I then went to their information area to check out the amenities. I was surprised when I saw the list that I can’t believe they have lots of adventures to offer for all visitors.

My husband who is an adrenalin junkie insisted that we should try the Drop Zone Sky Swing. Imagine a 120-ft free fall  wherein you will be suspended in the air for a few seconds and once you release the drop button, prepare to scream at the top of your lungs. Once you’re on top, there’s no going back but to experience being dropped. I admit, I am not fond of extreme rides or adventures but I lost my momentum in a split second by the time the button was released.

The harness were safe and so is the entire area for landing. The staff made sure that all ropes and locks are secured. They would even tell you that it wasn’t that scary, just to ease your tension. Maybe for them but for me, it was terrifying. The price for single is PhP 500.00 and they also have for pairs/tandem for a low price of PhP 750.00. I find it a bit expensive for an adventure of less than 5 minutes but the experience is worth it!

If you prefer the not-so-adrenalin-rush-adventure, then Zip line is worth a try. They claim that they are the Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline. You can either fly like Superman or sit like a Queen, but I tell you, this one shouldn’t be missed. We tried the Superman zip and it was pretty fast. It felt like I’m about to fall but the view is splendid. At that time, they have promo for Zipline + Drop Zone. As far as I remember, it costs around Php900 per person, not bad for those who can afford but still a bit pricey for me since it will only lasts for a couple of minutes, maximum is 5 minutes per ride, I guess.

On top of their famous Drop Zone and Zip line, we planned to try their ATV and Buggy trail adventure but too bad, the rain started to pour in the late afternoon and the trail was wet thus it is not advisable to take a ride. So what we did, instead of waiting for the rain to stop, we stayed in their Forest Cafe and went inside their Forest Animals and Playground with an entrance of PhP 50.00/per person. There you will see life-size animals of all kinds and simply the breathtaking view that will comfort you in your stay.

Forest Luge is another new attraction added but since I spent more than 2K already for the rides alone, I decided to just skip it. Zorbit looks fun but a bit pricey, same as the Bungee Bounce and the Treetop Adventure. Though I skipped most of the attraction/rides there except for the main ones, at least I have another reason to go back because of it.

Honestly, the prices are quite expensive but they said, you are not paying for the rides but for the experience! They also have room accommodations suited for couples, family and barkada’s plus if you book a room, you can avail 20% off on all rides and free entrance. A delightful treat! But since it was just a day tour, and home is just few miles away, we then decided to just go home. Besides, it offers the same comfort.

Overall, the view is amazing, the staff and crew are friendly and accommodating, the amenities are great, plus the experience is very memorable.  An A-lister for a vacation getaway!  So what are you waiting for? Take your day to the extreme and enjoy Dahilayan Adventure Park, Cagayan De Oro’s favorite destination.

Vikings Review: A Luxury Buffet That Is Worth Every Cent

Once in a while, my sister and I would splurge ourselves with sumptuous cuisines to get out of the monotony of home-cooked meals. Since my birthday is coming up, I have decided to treat her at Vikings SM Marikina. This particular restaurant is famed for offering the largest collection of international dishes in the country.

You can practically have everything here – fresh salads, prime ribs, seafood, dim sum, gourmet pizzas, cakes, you name it. One of its trademarks is their show kitchen wherein guests can have a glimpse of how its dishes are impeccable prepared by Vikings’ professionally-trained chefs. Another thing that makes this place stands out from the other buffet restaurants its homey feel. The interior of the place has a European touch with its brick walls, oil paintings and random books on the shelves.

What got me hooked up on the idea of trying out Vikings is its birthday promo. It basically allowed me to have a free buffet because it is my birthday! I just booked a reservation for two and brought an I.D. with me that has my birthday date on it. The company itself really did have good marketing skills because I started to crave for this restaurant just by looking at the photos of their mouth-watering selections. Indeed, they have satisfied my sense of sight even before they satisfied my stomach. Moreover, just the idea of seeing chefs at work got me intrigued enough to actually try out Vikings. Though it may appear quite expensive in comparison to other buffet restaurants in the metro, I realized that I already exceeded the break-even amount just by eating a plate full of of sashimi, rib-eye steaks, lechon and cheesecakes.

Overall, eating at Vikings is worth the price that I paid. The dishes are well-prepared and the servers are very accommodating. I even got a surprise cake and a birthday song from its crew. The only thing that should have taken consideration was the flow of traffic of the people. Because Vikings’ fame, many are also trying it out and it gets a little noisy at times.

Regardless of this small thing, I can definitely say that Vikings is worth a revisit. Next time though, I am going to tag the whole family along. Vikings usually have promos especially during holidays so I will be looking forward to maximizing these promos. It will be a feast that we will definitely savor knowing that the cost is totally worth it.

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