Pag-Asa Pawnshop Review: Jewelry, Gadgets and More

Pawning (Prenda, Sangla) an item is not new to me. I’ve been pawning for the past 20 years and I know lots of people do it as well. First timers cringe with the idea of “giving up” their valuables, I feel that too, but when you’re in deep need of some cash, it surely is the last thing that goes through your mind.

Most pawnshops would only accept jewelry. But what happens if you have this really cool LED TV or mountain bike and none of your friends could lend you fast cash despite the collateral? Well, if you’re anywhere near Pardo or Tabunok Talisay, you could always try and visit PAG-ASA Pawnshop.

Just last week, I pawned my Samsung Galaxy Y for PhP 1,600.00 for the 4th time. I needed some extra cash to make ends meet as I’ve just spent my entire salary to buy a new mountain bike. The Monthly Interest rate is at 5% which will be deducted upfront along with its Service Charge of PhP 5.00 against the Principal amount.

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Now, should I fail to redeem (lukat) the item after one (1) month, I could simply pay PhP 80.00 to extend the ticket and avoid surcharge. A penalty of 2% is added on top of the 5% making your PhP 80.00 to PhP 112.00. The difference is not really that much right but the bigger your Principal Amount is, the heavier the surcharge becomes.

Like any other pawnshops, Pag-asa holds regular auctions from time to time. You’ll see huge banners hanging around their premises when they do. I’ve been there once, lots of people and stuff but haven’t liked any items at all.  By the way, they’re a bit picky when it comes to Tablets. They only recognize and accept two (2) brands – Apple and Samsung. Mine is Asus, a trusted PC brand but they aren’t really interested in it.

With fast service, high appraisal rate and friendly staff, I won’t hesitate to recommend PAG-ASA pawnshop for your gadgets and whatnot. They helped me on more than one occasion, I’m quite sure they’ll help you too 🙂

Update (6/9/2013): I just pawned my 1/2hp aircon unit for PhP 2,500.00 3 days ago and was made to produce the certificate of ownership. I’m pretty sure this was not the case 2 years ago because my sister pawned my fridge and was never asked for such. I understand it’s a deterrent for stolen items but also for those who had their units as gifts or benefits. Would you rather ask your boss for a certificate of ownership if he wishes to give you his 6-month old fridge? Not in a million years 🙂

Really Sweet Lip Treat: Avon Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip Balm

Dry, chapped lips are a no-no for every age; your lips need as much nourishment as the rest of your face. Avon Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip Balm solves the problem pretty well, coming in three classic flavors: Strawberry, Peach and Cherry. It moisturizes my lips and provides essential sunscreen so that my puckers would not get baked in the sun. I also found out that when coupled with a toothbrush, it makes lip exfoliation a breeze since it softens dry skin and makes it easier to come off. Result: smooth kissable lips.

One of Avon’s classic products, it has become my favorite since I encountered it in high school. It leaves lips glossy with a hint of color, and can be worn alone or under lipstick or gloss. The sweet fruity flavor and smell makes you want to reapply it again and again, which my girlfriends often did. I dig the Strawberry flavor because it smells like strawberry icing on my favorite donuts; plus, the boyfriend loves the taste of it on my lips. I also love that it can be applied discreetly even in public when touching up with lip color is impossible, due to its ultra sheer color. Simply swipe it on and no one will notice that you have primped in public. All they will notice is your healthy, plump lips!

Avon Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip Balm goes for a reasonable price of PhP 120 each, but as Avon often have their products on sale, you can even get this fruity yummy gloss for as low as PhP 69. A real steal, if you ask me. However, there is a minor downside on using this product: if you get carried away on reapplying this balm, some waxy film starts accumulating on the sides of your lips. Nothing that a swipe of hankie could not handle, though. All in all, the product gives good value for your money, given its size, color and moisture pay-off, plus its delicious flavor.

I definitely recommend this product to girls of all ages (I mean ALL ages, really) to experience moisturized lips anytime, anywhere, and to enjoy a mood boost brought about by the yummy, totally lick-able flavors that will take you to your happy place.


Clinique Skin Care Solution Review

Over the years of experimenting in search for the solution to my pimple problem. Last March, I brought home the Clinique Skin Care Solution No.3 hoping this will change all my bad pimple days. It is designed for oily skin and has 3 steps. Excited to use this regimen for the first time, I tried it that same night. First is the facial foam, i noticed that it conditions my skin, no bubbles and no smell facial foam.

After foaming, I applied the exfoliator – solution no.2, I noticed that in my first few tries of this product, I saw dead skin debris on my cotton swabs!. The Clinique belief is that our face needs to exfoliate everyday to prevent clogging of pores and to have a clear smooth skin!. After letting my face dry comes step 3,the moisturizer which I believe is not just the barrier that protects my skin from irritation but also to keep my skin well hydrated.

I can say that this product really gives the bang for the buck! Getting the best facial foam, the best exfoliator and the best moisturizer (and this will turn out to be of different brands) I usually end up spending almost P 8,000.00, but with the Clinique Skin Care Regimen it’s just P 5,000.00. That’s the amount of money I can stretch to almost two months even if I use this product twice a day.

After the fourth day, I can see that my skin become smoother, my pimples have dried up without actually looking dry. It also banishes the redness of my pimples, which I believe is because of the continuous exfoliation. In my case, my skin have noticeable pores due to frequent facial, pimples are clearing up but the product cannot tighten up my pores. I’ve been using the Clinique Pore Minimizer for 2 months now and I can see the improvements and I am really satisfied with it.

I highly recommend this regimen to people with recurrent acne breakouts, whose skin end up getting too dry or too red without positive results from using too many different brands. It’s time to kiss that acne goodbye without losing an arm or a leg.

Jade Cranes Menthol Stick Review: Soothe and Calm in a Stick

I hate to admit that though I am still in my mid-twenties, aches and pains sometimes get me. Having suffered from migraine, I always made sure I have something with menthol to soothe the pains and get rid of the occasional nausea. That is how I discovered Jade Cranes Menthol Stick. Pretty much solved my needs- I used to lug around bottles of green liniment that would stain my clothes and leave a greasy film on my papers. Now I just have a pocket-size stick that I could carry around like I would do a lip balm.

The good thing about Jade Cranes Menthol Stick is, besides going on clear when applied; it does not have a common liniment-ish smell. It even smells like a particular brand of candy, fresh and minty. I find it great since I don’t have to camouflage its smell with perfume because it is pleasant to the nose.

No worries about smelling “old” and spilling liniment especially when commuting. I love that the package allows me to take it out anytime, anywhere because it looks like just a lip balm; it is inconspicuous enough to use anywhere. Another plus: it lasts a long, long time.

Just a little dab will get a long way in treating insect bites, tiny cuts, even toothache; and if you’re raring to get a whole body massage using the stick, you will be surprised at its potency-a few rubs is all you need, with its uplifting at the same time soothing effects lasting for a long time.

The price, when compared to other liniments, is a bit higher, but for me the convenience and the effect outweigh the additional pesos you have to shell out for this product. Just a few things to watch out about this product- dropping can shatter the precious menthol stick to pieces. The coolness also gets really intense when you are sweating, but eventually mellows down into pleasurable tingling effect. Nevertheless, the aforementioned reasons make Jade Crane a cut above the rest.

Would I recommend Jade Cranes Menthol Stick to everyone? Certainly! Remember that there are so many products on the market, and finding one that really suits you is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a great product for a good price and most especially, it delivers.

It made me so glad to have found this product, and I am sure it would also do others good too. Jade Cranes Menthol Stick is readily available in most pharmacies in two sizes (small and large) for your choosing.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Jade Cranes Menthol Stick for all your aches and pains, available in small and large sizes at most pharmacies

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Caronia 3 Shades Summer Collection

Caronia’s Summer Collection comes on three shades; Rosy Glow, Blue Chill and Fresh Mint. The Rosy Glow matches girly and sweet personality and has a pinkish shade. Blue Chill is the only frosted one on the three and sure to give classy looks because it has a shiny finish. And, the last one, Fresh Mint gives light, cool and breezy looks, which is definitely the most perfect nail polish shade for summer.

Painting my nails is one thing I am so crazy about. I so happen to fall for nail polishes, I love to experiment and play on different shades. I always try to match my nail color to my mood or to my outfit. I do love to have my nails polished pretty often mainly for the impression to look glam and for the purpose of my hands to look neat. My family and friends are used to my lovely nails. My sis gave me a set of Caronia Summer Collection. I love Caronia proof is half of my collections were Caronia. But I was quite skeptical to wear any of the three colors because I was thinking the shades might wouldn’t match my morena skin tone. Whenever I shop, I make sure to pick the right shade for me.

Of course she radically pursued the nail polish and also to help her not to feel she just wasted cash, I tried it. I went for Rosy Glow. I opted to add myself some feminine looks and that is the only color closer to my favourite color pink. I usually do my own nails and do not hire someone to do for me because I am too meticulous that I will just end up doing my nails again if I don’t like how it is done. After the session, I so love the result. The Rosy Glow shade have not made me look tacky, but created an accent to my hands. No regrets.

It complements my morena skin. So, I am pretty sure that this Rosy Glow Shade fits morena and fair skin types. I always see to it to add this shade to my favourite collection.

Photo is for illustration purposes only. Image courtesy: carizzachua
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