Gold Leaf Oolong Tea Review: The “Good Diet” Tea

Suffering from obesity for years has been a cause of my numerous health issues. Among the many offshoots of obesity; Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, hyperacidity, and adrenal fatigue were the ones I was diagnosed with last year. My doctor  read me a list of foods and drinks to avoid; and the list included coffee. Seeing my dismay, she told me, “Well, you can drink tea, but in moderation, and without milk, please”.

Though inconsistently, I have avoided the foods and beverages that make me fat and hyper-acidic. I have reduced the intake of refined carbohydrates, such as white rice and bread, and eliminated coffee, especially the creamed and highly sweetened.

I didn’t use to be a heavy coffee drinker, but my job would require me to stay up late most of the time; and a cup of caramel-like coffee was the choice to get me through busy nights fully awake. I badly needed my dose of caffeine, but even if I drank only after a meal, lactose in the cream caused hyperacidity attack that surely ruined my whole night. Drinking black coffee was out of the question for me,  so, one day, I decided to take the doctor’s advice: to drink tea. However, I forgot to ask which one.

My hunt for a good brand of tea was a bizarre moment, for I thought teas are for old people; indeed in the tea section of the supermarket, there were ahead of me a couple of senior citizens picking their boxes of Gold Leaf Oolong Tea from among the many choices of kinds and brands.  I asked myself what on earth oolong tea was, for I knew only of green and black; and what a surprise, one of the old folks talked to the other in a loud voice, “This is very good for your cholesterol. Recommend this to your son. He’s so fat! He can lose weight drinking this!”

My hunt for a good brand of tea was bizarre indeed but with a surprised relief: I didn’t have to take too much time to pick my trial pack. Nevertheless, I did my homework upon coming back from the supermarket. I thought of searching in Google, and to my delight, I found several websites informing of the health benefits of drinking oolong tea. Among the benefits are the reduction of cholesterol in the blood stream, treatment of digestive disorders, and burning of fat. I was excited to try my first cup after finishing a slab of roast pork, a serving of rice, and a bowl of sautéed vegetables. I instantly felt the difference from drinking coffee. Staying up late that night, I didn’t feel the usual sluggishness and discomfort in the stomach.

Coupled with routine exercises during the day, I continue drinking Gold Leaf Oolong Tea regularly after dinner. This habit has been going on for three months now and has reduced my fatigue, eliminated hyperacidity, and made me lose a total of 20 lbs. from my 170-lb weight!  At 150 lbs., I am still overweight, but I have faith that if I become consistent in carrying on with the right physical activities, good choice of foods and beverages that will not make me feel deprived rather make me feel good (oolong tea has nice bittersweet taste and  floral aroma), I can reach my 115-lb goal!  I recommend my friends to include Gold Leaf Oolong Tea, my “good diet” tea, in their own diet and see a positive change in their health and well-being.

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Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Hair Treatment Review

For a girl who spent her elementary years and half of high school wearing a hideous boy-cut bob, finally getting to sport long hair is like a sweet revenge. Yes, especially if growing your hair long meant you had straight-as-rain, shampoo-commercial locks and a bunch of new admirers whom never as much did a double take on you when your hair was shorter. Growing my hair long and fortunately, beautiful was a huge boost to my self-esteem, to think that it was low maintenance. Just the daily shampoo and a few brush strokes, and I was the girl with the most beautiful hair (at least, in our class).

Fast-forward nine years later and my hair has never been the same. Though I still sport long locks, they were not as gorgeous as before. The stresses of college and later, work, finally came up with my hair and made it frizzy. I’ve tried quite a lot of products to tame my now frizzy hair, but I always ended up with flat, oily strands. Sometimes I think I have found the right product- taming my hair, only for the frizz to come back after one wash. So it was basically re-applying the product after every wash. Believe me, it gets tiring at times. I’m even tempted to get a relax or a rebond but knowing the unhealthy effects those processes can bring to your mane, I’ve resigned to using products that offer such temporary results.

Then I read about Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Hair Treatment. The brochure promised three days of frizz free manageability even after washing your hair. Another fad, I said. But anyway, I got one on a whim, and tried it with my cousin. I washed my hair, and applied the serum, getting immediate results. My hair was shiny and the frizz was controlled without the sticky, heavy feel. Then for the next three days, I washed my hair without conditioning it, without reapplying the serum.

True to its promise, my hair remained frizz-free and manageable up to three days, even if it already undergone shampooing! For the first time I found myself really impressed with a hair product. Add to that, it is non-sticky and has a pleasant fruity scent that lasts, plus it is very economical: I just put a twenty-five centavo sized amount on my hair and that is all I need to have gorgeous, frizz free hair for days.

All my skepticism about the said product completely vanished when I still had great hair despite undergoing three washes and no reapplication at that. I got hooked with it and I’m now on my second bottle. My cousin whom I tried the product with swears that she never used a product that really delivers results such as Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Hair Treatment. I can now be assured of many more good hair days to come, thanks to this product.

Figaro Review: Your New Favorite Hangout Place

Are you an avid coffee lover and purist? Do you like to read, write, and think a lot?

If this sounds like you, then let me introduce you to your new favorite hangout place: Figaro Coffee

Coffee: Not for the weak. Being a coffee purist, I compare different coffee the way they should be compared: in their simplest form, through their black coffee of course. Simply put, Figaro coffee is one of the strongest and boldest I have ever had. This is very useful for staying awake for studying if you are a student or if you merely want that strong caffeine kick.

Ambiance. Most people hangout in the more popular coffee shops. I get annoyed by groups of teenagers who talk as if the whole room is trying to listen to them. Figaro has just the right amount of people to create a coffee shop ambiance that is not too loud, but it’s not deafeningly silent either.

Fast and Reliable Internet. Either to surf the net, stream music, check my mail, or hangout on Facebook and Twitter, I like to be online a lot. Many coffee places offer internet connection, but they either charge too much or require you to be a member of their loyalty programs. Figaro offers fast and reliable internet to their customers for free.

Figaro Coffee Club. Figaro has a club they let you join after buying 6 coffee drinks for a small fee of P150. Here are several benefits of being part of the club:

  • 10% discount on drinks over P200
  • 1 free refill for your coffee
  • 5% discount on other products such as coffee beans

On the free refill alone, it is easy to recoup your investment in being a club member. For example, you regularly buy a P120-coffee drink. Since you get a free refill every time, which are worth P240. This is already P90 beyond your P150 investment.

Can you imagine how much more you can save if you go regularly? Finally, Figaro is locally-owned. This is of course always a good thing. Between great coffee, the perfect ambiance, free wi-fi, cash savings and being locally-owned, I bet Figaro could be your new favorite hangout place.

A Product Review of Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream

I’m a 33 year old employee who works in a very demanding business environment.  A couple of months ago, during a particularly stressful period in my life, I discovered a bump the size of a pea on the exterior region of my anus. I was instantly worried because I knew that my late father had suffered from internal hemorrhoids for a significant portion of his life.  About three days later, my hemorrhoid became thrombosed, and the pain became too much for me to handle. I decided to seek medical help.  The doctor told me that I had two hemorrhoids, and promptly prescribed some hemorrhoid medication. Unfortunately, the prescription failed to do its work, and I continued to suffer from pain and discomfort.

I was getting desperate. My flare ups were becoming more frequent, and the pain and discomfort was starting to affect my performance at work and my relationships at home. Surgery, which roughly costs about fifteen to twenty thousand dollars, was not a timely option as my wife and I were expecting a baby. I decided to search online for another solution. While browsing over some online forums, I chanced upon a product review claiming that an ointment called Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream did wonders for hemorrhoids. Without much to lose, I decided to throw caution to the wind and bought the product.

From what I gathered from the forums and my research, Mayinglong Musk, though a lesser known brand, is highly effective in removing putrid tissue and promoting new tissue growth that helps speed up recovery from hemorrhoids. In addition, the powerful ointment also heals anal fissures. This is due to the advanced treatment formula that not only alleviates pain, itchiness and discomfort, but also induces recovery and healing on a cellular level. The heavy-duty ointment also has a fresh, fragrant smell unlike most products as powerful as Mayinglong Musk.

Without exaggeration, the product is simply life-changing. Unlike similar products in the market which are way too weak for me, Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream does a lot in alleviating pain, itching and burning. Its long-lasting cooling effect provides great relief as it shrinks swollen hemorrhoids. Upon my first day of use, I immediately noticed the ointment’s powerful effect as I was able to focus on my work without being bothered by pain or discomfort from my anus. From that point on, the pain and discomfort started to disappear, and the quality of my life greatly improved. Thanks to this product, I never have to worry about hemorrhoids again. Highly recommended.

Manggahan Restobar Review

I have a big physique and I enjoy eating especially when I’m at home. I can eat anything that’s inside our fridge. LOL! Sometimes, I just can’t help myself but to ask my friends, especially during paydays to eat out and reward ourselves with a munch! I’ve been through different restaurants, formal or not, but there’s just one thing that my palate keeps telling me — go find Filipino foods at reasonable prices 🙂

One Friday night, a friend of mine invited me to visit a restaurant named Manggahan. It opened just this year and is serving delicious Filipino dishes at a pocket’s delight. And since she’s a food like me, it didn’t take a while for her to convince me. We’ve decided to check out the place after work.

Manggahan Restobar is relatively easy to find. You got two options here:

  1. Take a PUJ ride with a mark bearing 04-C. It will pass through Camp Lapu Lapu and St. Therese Church. A quick walk straight ahead and you’ll see the Manggahan signage
  2. For car owners, head over to Camp Lapu-lapu upon reaching JY Square. Along the road, you won’t miss the Manggahan signage. The parking space is very limited, able to accommodate up to 4 vehicles only at a time. You can park along the road but you have to be cautious as authorities regularly rove around this area and if they caught you park in the sidewalk, then you are in big trouble.

The restaurant has a closed dining area, fully air-conditioned with lots of dining tables to choose from. At the back is the open and covered dining area where guests can smoke and drink freely.

What I love about Manggahan is the accommodating and ever-smiling servers. They serve food between 5 and 10 minutes, which I still consider a fast service.  Sinabaw na Larang and Sisig are just two of my favorite dishes. The UNLIMITED RICE for only 20 pesos is to die for! One serving is already good for 2-3 persons and the price range is generally affordable at PhP 150 to 200, enough to make you full!

I am looking forward for Manggahan to expand to different places in Cebu to reach even more patrons. I’d say this is a must-visit restaurant in Cebu especially for Balikbayans who are craving for delicious yet affordable Filipino cuisines.

Image courtesy: Manggahan FB Page