Face Value: I Love Careline Makeup Set 1 Review

The interest in makeup came to me quite late, when I was already in my third year in college. That was also the time when I realize that you could improve your appearance if you put your heart into it. Nevertheless, I was completely smitten with the magic makeup can do-you can be sweet or sultry, smoking-hot or professional-pretty, with just a few swipes (in other cases, more than a few swipes). The best part of it was, you could change your looks without changing your wardrobe.

So slowly, I began to accumulate a number of makeup items, (just one at a time so I would not shock my mother who was not used to seeing her daughter’s face made-up), using them one by one and testing them against our tropical weather. Over the course of time, I have tried quite a number of makeup products. I fell in love with some, and discarded others. One product that took my attention was the I Love Careline Makeup Set 1. One look at the palette made me swoon: it has nine eyeshadows in bronze, a pale blue color, and snow white; glittering beige, pale green, sweet pink that reminds me of strawberry cake, light gray, lilac and an amazing blue color that does magic in making brown eyes pop. A peach blusher and a pink one was included in the makeup set too, all in powder form. Handy enough to fit into a purse and with colors that combine to make endless gorgeous combination, and at a great price at that, I knew I bought a winner.

Or so I thought. The eyeshadow colors were a standout indeed, worn in single shades during the day or layered for a fun party look at night. The thing is, they would not stay on my eyelids. I am aware that eyeshadow primers do make colors stick for long hours, but I expected from this product to bring my eyes out even without the help of primers, as other eyeshadow products that I used before did. My eyelids itched too after applying the makeup, especially the area where my eyelashes grow. So much for looking gorgeous but uncomfortable. The blushers too, failed to deliver. Applied to my cheeks, the colors looked off, even though peach blush looked good with my skin tone. I tried blending the blushes together to produce a peachy-pink color, but the result failed to give me the just pinched, healthy glow I’m after.

Finally, comfort won over vanity. I would still have loved to use the eyeshadow shades but would not risk another bout of discomfort the next time I went on a night out or had to meet important people. The makeup set just sits there, unused any longer. Come to think of it, the line of makeup products under the said brand was made for tweens and teenagers, so I was somehow confident that it would be skin-friendly. But then again, it did not work the way I expected it to. So again, I’m on the hunt for a new makeup palette that will bring out the best in me, without irritations and frustrations.

Puerto Galera: A Paradise Review

If Boracay has its white sand as its pride, Puerto Galera has its “freshness” to offer! 🙂 Without so much tourists coming in, one can really enjoy the blue waters of the Galera seas. I’m sure that adventurers and travelers would know about Puerto Galera in the Island of Mindoro, such a Paradise for me.

Just before last year, I would say that I’m not really a traveler, I would love to just sit on the couch than go swimming with my family during vacations. However, last year’s experience made me a “travel-addict person”. My  sister and her friends decided to go on a tour in Mindoro, particularly in Puerto Galera,and I was invited to join them. Just as we are preparing for our departure from our home in Pangasinan, I was having a second thought of not going but my sister insisted that I should join them, so I did.

We rode on a bus going to Manila (bring all the things you would need; I am more of a carry-it-all person). We traveled for 4 hours straight. Upon our arrival in Manila, we went to the Jam Liner (or you may choose the Jack Liner, which is way better). We traveled for 2 hours going to Batangas Pier, then we purchased tickets for the Blue Penguin Boat Services. Another 2 hours of traveling on the sea and ALAS, the island of Puerto Galera! I have been to two Boating Piers, on the Mainland where all the bars and nightlife lingers and the on the other island pier is where our Resort is situated. From the Island pier to the Mainland, it would be 15 minutes (via land) and 10 minutes (via boat), either your resort has its transpo. service or you may ride a trike.

When you’re already at the mainland you must wait until the sun sets and you’ll have a nightlife the same as with Boracay’s!

I personally liked the huge stones on the shore, you can sit at the top and enjoy the view 🙂 Locals are also very kind. I would just want to advice you about their food, it’s not as cheap as I expected! Nevertheless, Galera experience is yet the best!

Image courtesy: lakwatseradeprimera

Get-Gorgeous Review: The Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream

Among the popular dilemma of women when it comes to makeup is finding the right foundation. There are a lot of factors to consider: the correct color, the finish, your skincare needs and the consistency whether it be powder, cream or liquid.

The same goes for concealer too. You have to take into consideration what you are trying to conceal and the formula that works best for your needs. For a budding beauty junkie like me, that means I do the trial-and-error method which, besides a bit wasteful in terms of money, can also be time-consuming since you basically have to wait for a certain time for a product to really show results.

Then I chanced upon Colour Collection Skin Care Series Gluta Whitening BB Flawless Foundation. I rarely wear foundation because I work in a place where AC is nothing but a luxurious dream, but I figured out that I needed a concealer to cover up the signs of sleepless nights typing reports and computing grades. I read somewhere that a foundation can also double up as a concealer, so went for the product and used it as one. I was expecting to be disappointed, but ended up the opposite.

The product has a creamy consistency that applying it to my under-eye circles and blemishes is such a breeze. It is easy to blend and also contains SPF 20 which my skin needs since I march out in the sun often. I tried it also as a foundation, and it did a wonderful job in making my skin even-toned. I even wear it alone, without powder, and there is no cakey feel to it. The Glutathione the product contains probably would not hurt either; it made for smoother, whiter, healthier skin that I have been enjoying up to now.

Discovering Colour Collection Skin Care Series Gluta Whitening BB Flawless Foundation made me really satisfied; I bought two of it after finishing my first container. It comes in a Natural shade which I believe will be amazing for medium to fair skin. I recommend it for daily use, since it does not clog the pores, and has the mildest, barely there scent that reminds me subtly of almonds. It has got me covered up, from days when I go with the no make-up look to times when I want to rock as a captivating siren. With one of my beauty dilemmas solved, I can now move on to trying other products that will help me look better and feel healthier, if not drop-dead gorgeous.

Image courtesy: whenthebugbites

Metrodeal’s All-In Travel Deals Guarantees Huge Savings

Traveling is one of the best gifts you can afford yourself. These days, more and more people are able to travel around the world because a handful of budget carriers are readily available. I immediately made it a point to travel the world the minute these budget options were introduced. If airfare, tours and hotel accommodations can be this cheap, why not book a trip now?

I chanced upon Metrodeal as I was surfing the web and it intrigued me. I was dumbfounded, thinking, “how can an all-in trip to one Asian country cost only around 15,000 pesos or less? Still, out of mere curiosity, I booked my first ever Metrodeal flight to Singapore — hotel accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights included along with a day trip to Universal Studios, Sentosa.

Buying a deal from the site was very easy. All you have to do is click on the promo that you wish to avail of and then purchase it using your credit card. The catch is there are limits to the number of people who can buy a specific promo so if something interests you, book it immediately.

It is also best to read through the information or disclaimer found on the page right before you confirm your purchase. This will state some information about your hotel, transportation, tours, transfers and more. I think it is also best to book your Metrodeal trip before purchasing your airfare. Since I am a frequent traveler and a backpacker at that, I already know how to pace my trips in time for other big airline sales.

When all this is done and I’ve paid for the transaction, I received an email confirmation that was written in a rather inviting and friendly manner. I contacted my choice for hotel to make sure that they can accommodate me and I was all set.

My Metrodeal experience was a blast. Call it a first-timer’s luck but I surely didn’t have any problems. My flight was smooth, my transaction was flawless and my trip was absolutely memorable.

Gold Leaf Oolong Tea Review: The “Good Diet” Tea

Suffering from obesity for years has been a cause of my numerous health issues. Among the many offshoots of obesity; Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, hyperacidity, and adrenal fatigue were the ones I was diagnosed with last year. My doctor  read me a list of foods and drinks to avoid; and the list included coffee. Seeing my dismay, she told me, “Well, you can drink tea, but in moderation, and without milk, please”.

Though inconsistently, I have avoided the foods and beverages that make me fat and hyper-acidic. I have reduced the intake of refined carbohydrates, such as white rice and bread, and eliminated coffee, especially the creamed and highly sweetened.

I didn’t use to be a heavy coffee drinker, but my job would require me to stay up late most of the time; and a cup of caramel-like coffee was the choice to get me through busy nights fully awake. I badly needed my dose of caffeine, but even if I drank only after a meal, lactose in the cream caused hyperacidity attack that surely ruined my whole night. Drinking black coffee was out of the question for me,  so, one day, I decided to take the doctor’s advice: to drink tea. However, I forgot to ask which one.

My hunt for a good brand of tea was a bizarre moment, for I thought teas are for old people; indeed in the tea section of the supermarket, there were ahead of me a couple of senior citizens picking their boxes of Gold Leaf Oolong Tea from among the many choices of kinds and brands.  I asked myself what on earth oolong tea was, for I knew only of green and black; and what a surprise, one of the old folks talked to the other in a loud voice, “This is very good for your cholesterol. Recommend this to your son. He’s so fat! He can lose weight drinking this!”

My hunt for a good brand of tea was bizarre indeed but with a surprised relief: I didn’t have to take too much time to pick my trial pack. Nevertheless, I did my homework upon coming back from the supermarket. I thought of searching in Google, and to my delight, I found several websites informing of the health benefits of drinking oolong tea. Among the benefits are the reduction of cholesterol in the blood stream, treatment of digestive disorders, and burning of fat. I was excited to try my first cup after finishing a slab of roast pork, a serving of rice, and a bowl of sautéed vegetables. I instantly felt the difference from drinking coffee. Staying up late that night, I didn’t feel the usual sluggishness and discomfort in the stomach.

Coupled with routine exercises during the day, I continue drinking Gold Leaf Oolong Tea regularly after dinner. This habit has been going on for three months now and has reduced my fatigue, eliminated hyperacidity, and made me lose a total of 20 lbs. from my 170-lb weight!  At 150 lbs., I am still overweight, but I have faith that if I become consistent in carrying on with the right physical activities, good choice of foods and beverages that will not make me feel deprived rather make me feel good (oolong tea has nice bittersweet taste and  floral aroma), I can reach my 115-lb goal!  I recommend my friends to include Gold Leaf Oolong Tea, my “good diet” tea, in their own diet and see a positive change in their health and well-being.

Photo is for illustration purposes only.