MONEA Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion Review

My first encounter of Monea Curl Defining Milk hair lotion was 3 years ago through a friend who started using it when she had her hair digitally permed. It was recommended by the hairdresser from the same salon where she had her hair permed. Before, I preferred hair rebonding because my hair is naturally wavy and thick so I just had to make it look fine through rebonding.

Unfortunately, hair rebonding is quite expensive and ang downside nya is that I can’t stay long sa water kapag magswimming sa beach kasi masisira daw ang buhok ko sabi ng hairdresser. Imagine that, spending over something and then eventually limiting me to doing something. That’s sad.

So, I decided to just shorten my hair and stopped hair rebonding but I have to put para hindi maging buhaghag. The same friend recommended me to use the Monea Curl Defining hair lotion not only to put my hair in place but also to add up volume. I was hesitant at first kasi akala ko sticky sya and mas mainit sa hair pag maglagay ng cream but still I tried. I bought my first bottle at Landmark in Makati for Php 99. Turned out, maganda sya and it really adds up volume lalo wavy ang hair hair ko.

A lot of people noticed and asked me saan ako nagpaayos ng buhok (they were thinking nagpadigital perm ako) because maganda daw ang curls. I told them the truth, that I didn’t undergo digital perming but just had my hair shorten and I just put Monea Curling cream to emphasize the curls. Dahil din sa Monea, two of my office mates decided to permed their straight hair and used Monea for the cream. They both love the product.

And because the cream works excellently for me, I have been using it for 2 years now. That means, 2 years na din akong hindi nagpaparebond which saves me tons. A bottle lasts me 3 weeks and one thing I love about Monea is napakamura compared to other curling creams and hindi nagtataas ang presyo for the past 2 years 🙂

Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer Review: Stylish Storage Solution

I remember the time when my small room is crowded.  Clothes are either hanged or folded in the laundry baskets or big carton boxes.  Books, folders and papers were placed in the table.  Other knick knacks were placed in some small boxes.  Although I try to keep it neat and dust-free, I simply can’t do it.  It will be a tedious work that I can’t do every day because of my other tasks.

That is when I decide to buy something to store my things and declutter my room.  I opt for storage boxes or drawers which are very common nowadays.  When I go to the mall, different designs are available in different plain colors.  But I am looking for something different.  Then I chanced upon Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer.  I love it at first glance since it has printed designs in vibrant colors that make it very unique among others.  It is available in four colors and I pick Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer Candy.

The product is ideal for bedroom, living room and even offices.  It is ideal for storing not only clothes and linens but also other items like books, papers, toys, cosmetics among others.

Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer is made of durable plastic.  It has a solid bottom and a tubular support that makes it more sturdy.  The drawers are spacious and glides easily with easy to grip handles.  It also protects my belongings from moth, dust and mites and it is moisture-proof.

Another thing that I like about the product is its fresh powder scent.  I’ve been using my Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer for quite some time and it still smells good.  Other plastic storage releases some kind of a pungent, sweaty odor after some years of use.

And if you want rearrange your room, Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer is so portable and light weight that you can move it anywhere with ease.

Eker and Ely Longganisang Lucban Review: A Must-Try!

When I first came to the province of Quezon and we talked about food, the people there are very proud of their longganisang Lucban, a variety of Philippine sausage that originated from that town of Lucban in Quezon, thus the name.

A friend handed me a native bayong then.  It contains dozens of longganisang Lucban neatly wrapped in brown paper, complete with vinegar dipping.  He said that it is Eker and Ely Longganisang Lucban, one of the best manufacturers of the native delicacy and one of the pioneers since it started making longganisa since 1958.

When I arrived home, I fried it according to the directions my friend told me. I put it in a pan with a little water, bring it to a boil and wait until the water evaporates, add a little cooking oil and fry it.  I prefer it a little bit toasted.  The oil became reddish because of the paprika.  The aroma of the longganisa cooking is already enticing.

Then came my favorite part – the taste test.  It tastes very different from the sweet longganisa I grew up with in Central Luzon.  The blend of flavors from garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and other spices give it a distinct taste. Dried pork intestines are used as casing.  Unlike other manufacturers, Eker and Ely Longganisang Lucban uses more lean meat than fat in its mix.  The vinegar dipping complemented the flavors of the longganisa.  Since then, it became an added favorite to the viands I paired with fried rice.

I’ve tried other brands of longganisa native to the town but it is not as flavorful and appetizing as Eker and Ely Longganisang Lucban.  I understand why this became one of the best-selling longganisang Lucban in Quezon.

The product is available in dozens, in two sizes – small and large.  It should be kept frozen to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Grendha Shoes Review: My Trusted Footwear Brand

I’ve been using Grendha’s line of footwear for years now and I personally vouch how durable their shoes and sandals are. Eto lang ang tumagal sa akin.

For the record, ako ang taong hindi natatagalan ng sapatos because I’m too heavy or mabigat talaga ako maglakad? My mom often jokes that safety shoes nalang daw para subok na tatagal! I really have difficulty finding durable footwear considering my budget.

It is important for me yung comfort and durability since I am overweight and walk from office to home every single day. I have tried several shoe brands but always end up disappointed kasi ang bilis nila masira. Until, I came across Grendha. Unfortunately, for someone like me who’s frugal, the prices of its footwear can be expensive and way out of my budget.

Luckily, during one of my birthdays, my co-employees gave me a pair of Grendha sandals as a gift. Gustong-gusto ko yung sandals kasi aside sa maganda ang design, napakacomfortable sa paa at nasubok ko ang tibay! I used it regularly pero hindi sya naggive up sa akin. It’s been more than 3 years na pero hindi parin sira. Napudpod lang ang sole nya but still nagagamit ko parin until now. Subok ang tibay lalo sa mahaba at matagal na lakaran especially during my travels.

Right after that, I decided to buy a pair of doll shoes which I use sa office every day. It didn’t fail me as up until now I am using it. Mind you, I walk home from the office every day for about 7kms (I walk that far!). I also use it kapag may mga gala. Ang gaan sa paa at parang may cushion sya because of the comfortable sole. Next thing I know, I bought again another pair of shoes a couple of months ago para may salitan.

I might have spend for these footwear but I believe I am investing in a quality product that saves me a lot of money in the long run.

I failed to mention, umulan o umaraw hindi sya nasisira kasi made of PUV plastic ang Grendha.

UNI Keratin Hair Treatment Review: A Steal!

I’m always on the lookout to finding cheap quality products. Since, I regularly use a hair conditioner, this has taken a toll in my budget so I decided to find a much cheaper product.

I stumbled upon UNI Keratin Hair Reborn Treatment while doing my grocery at Super 8 supermarket. It caught my attention because of its packaging and the price. At first, I was hesitant to purchase because I’m not familiar with the brand and knew no one who’s using it. That instantly got me to make a research on the internet using my phone.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a single reliable review. So, I just had to trust my instinct and decided to buy half a dozen (6 pcs) just because Super 8 doesn’t sell them individually. Well for Php36 for 6 sachets seemed cheap enough. I just thought that I just have to give it a try and if not effective then Php36 wouldn’t hurt me.

Turned out, this product surpasses my expectations. Since it is a hair treatment, the effectiveness is way beyond than that of the regular hair conditioner. The following are the very reasons why I love using UNI Keratin and decided to finally replace my old hair conditioner:

  1. Makes my hair soft and smooth. The product contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Jojoba oils which makes hair soft and smooth. Since it is a hair treatment, I feel like I’m getting the most out of it. It actually boasts as a DIY Brazilian blowout which, surprisingly is true!
  2.  Fragrant smell. This one has a smell anyone would really love. The smell stays in my hair all throughout the day.
  3.  Soothing. I really like the cooling effect like comparable to that of a menthol anti-dandruff shampoo. Literal na nakakalamig ng ulo
  4.  Cheap. This is winner! Imagine Php36 for 6 sachets with 1 sachet good for 3 usage kasi madami sya, promise! Ang laking tipid ko sa hair treatment na to.

I highly recommend this product and I vouch how cheap yet effective it is. This is really a STEAL!