Billease.PH Review

I love Lazada because this is where I get difficult to find items. I would have loved it even more when was introduced and my application pushed through but it didn’t. Here’s the reason why.

First off, is a service that works like a credit card; you get your items, pay using the generated voucher and then send staggered payments in different ways including to our “pambansang sari-sari store” 7 11.

It was all good until I’ve decided to apply. The website promised 1 day application processing but it took them 9 solid days to get back only to tell me that I need to send a screenshot of my bank statement. I complied, took them another 2 days to tell me they needed another screenshot of my bank statement of the previous month. This time, I refused.

Apparently, the delay was caused by the overwhelming applications they received and the limited number of people working to minimize those backlogs, said so their email. That is totally unacceptable to me. They should have anticipated the volume in the first place.

The system also needs some minor upgrades. For instance, you are only allowed to upload jpg and not pdf. PDF is the standard format for documents. You don’t send payslips, bank statements and whatnot in jpg because they contain multiple pages and using pdf is the easiest way to do that.

Second, a text box is provided as a means to communicate with them but no matter how many times I clicked on the submit button, it just doesn’t work. I’m not sure if it works with Firefox or Edge but definitely not in Chrome. As a developer, it’s your job to test your website on different browsers and see if it works seamlessly.

And lastly, there is an available online chat but surprise, no one really bothers to answer you.

Well, I hope billease sorts out these issues very soon. Until then, I’ll stick with COD.

Anytime Fitness Cebu Review

Realizing the need to be physically fit, I signed up with Anytime Fitness after a long and thorough soul searching. The idea of being able to access the gym 24 hours/7 days a week is captivating not to mention their top-of-the-line equipment, awesome friendly staff and accessible location.

Now, it’s my understanding that the fees they charge you depend on where you are currently affiliated. For walk-ins, you’ll definitely get charged much higher compared to those whose companies have some sort of “discount agreement” with Anytime Fitness. I got mine for Php 1,700.00 per month plus the one-time fee of Php 2,700 for the fob key. A fob key is the non-transferable violet petal-shaped plastic key that you swipe-in to get inside the gym.

It was all good until I’ve decided to drop my membership for personal reasons. After a few weeks or so, they’ve started sending text messages reminding me to pay my “overdue” account, and one day, finally dropped that “…will endorse your account to a collecting agent” sort-of text message similar to what telcos and credit card companies do for a defaulted account.

Contracts are there to secure their revenues – yes, I understand that. You get a brand new, shiny phones from telcos and they put you on a contract for 2 years but for a gym membership in Anytime Fitness? Really? I didn’t receive anything — not even a welcome donut!

My conclusion:

If you are really certain that you would stay until your 6- or 12-month contract ends, then by all means get a membership from them. However, if you are uncertain and not wanting to pay the Php 5,000.00 cancellation fee, then by all means stay away from them. There are other gyms, not fancy though, that will not put you on a binding contract and you’re free to leave anytime as you please.

By the way, the overly expensive fob key is neither transferable nor can be used by anyone else except you. Eat that!

Frontrow Luxxe White Review: Isn’t Just for Whitening!

Isa akong kabataan at tulad ng iba ay problema ko rin ang aking katawan. I have so many pimples back then to the point that you can say, “Ew, kadiri ng mukha niya.” Syempre, bilang teenager at higit sa lahat, babae, ay nakakababa ng self-esteem. Kaya gan’on na lamang ang kadesperadahan ko upang matanggal ang mga ito. I’ve tried so many products, until one of my friend said I should try this “Luxxe White” from Frontrow Enterprise.

Noong una ay ayaw ko talaga, imagine, the price costs a lot! Isa pa, ang primary target talaga n’on ay ang pumuti. Kahit naman gusto kong pumuti ay hindi talaga kaya ng budget ko. Another thing, I’m just a sixteen years old unemployed teen, and yes, I have no money at all. Pero dahil bumili nga n’on ang mama ko dahil may nagsabi daw sa kanyang effective yoong pampaputi kaya nakiinom rin ako.

Lahat tayo ay may iba’t ibang uri ng balat. Kaya gusto ko ring pumuti noon ay para matanggal ang pagka‘ombre’ ng balat ko dulot ng natatakpang tshirt, at exposed sa araw ang iba. Ang pumuti lang talagang ineexpect ko d’on pero hindi ko alam dahil isang araw, nagising na lang ako at sinabi sa akin ng ate ko na, “Nawawala na yung mga tigyawat mo, anong ginagamit mo?” And that’s when I realized that Luxxe White isn’t just for whitening skin, but also for helping us to get rid of pimples!

I mean, yes. There are so many acne scars on my face that’s why I didn’t notice it at first. Kung dati ay kapag nagpuyat lamang ako, kinabukasan ay may bagong tigyawat ng muli, ngayon ay kahit ilang beses akong magpuyat at madalang na lang! Syempre, nagkakatigyawat pa ‘rin naman ako pero mapapansin mong unti-unti na lang.

Sabi ng kaibigan ko ay 2-3 months daw nalalaman ang result sa pagputi. Pero masaya talaga ako dahil madalang na lang akong tubuan ng tigyawat noong nagsimula akong uminom ng capsules na iyon. That’s when I realized, Frontrow’s Luxxe White isn’t just for whitening, but also for pimples!

Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo Review: A Wise Alternative For Hair Fall

I have naturally fine, thin hair.  When I reached the age of thirty, my hair has become prone to hair fall.  Since then, I have become very choosy when it comes to products that I put in my hair, especially shampoos.

I have tried various shampoos which claim to contain anti-hair fall formula or prevent hair fall but I often ended up frustrated after days of use.  They cannot keep up with the promise.  Hair fall is still there especially when I am taking a bath or combing my wet hair.

Then my friend suggested Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo with Argan Oil.  She said that she and her daughter has been using the product and has proven it effective.  I look for it the next time I went to the supermarket.  It costs a little higher than other regular shampoos in the shelf.  I bought it with high hopes that it will keep its promise – no more hair fall.

Just like other shampoos, I apply Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo on my wet hair, massage it in my scalp, then to the hair strands and rinse hair very well.  It leaves a fresh, delicate scent that stays smelling good throughout the day.  My hair doesn’t only smells clean, it also feels clean.

My hair is darker and softer. It is tangle-free and it does not dry.  It is non-irritating and doesn’t cause dandruff.  This is good for child and adult.  It may not totally eliminates hair fall but I can see fewer hair strands in the drain when I am taking a bath and even in my comb.

It is contained in plastic bottles with flip top cap.  The 200 ml bottle costs P180.  The product is also available in 200 ml and 300 ml bottle.  You can also use Moringa-O2 Herbal Conditioner  for better result.

Buco Pie con Leche Review: Help Beat the Heat

Selecta has always given us the best tasting ice cream. This summer, their newest flavour Buco Pie con Leche does not disappoint. It is composed of buco chunks, otap crusts and leche flan sauce. The flavour, Buco Pie con Leche, really lives up to its name. Every bite is milky.

I especially liked the buco chunks. This is the best part for me. The slice is thick enough that you can recognize it. Also, the buco chunks are soft and they complement the sweet ice cream. I just wish Selecta would add more chunks. I think that if you’re the type who likes macapuno ice cream, then you will also like this.

The otap crusts are cut into tiny square pieces and are mixed into the ice cream. These look like little macadamia nuts. A word of advice though, some children are not fond of otap so they will have a tendency to remove the otap crusts.

It appears to me that the leche flan sauce appears when the ice cream has thawed in your cup or glass (or wherever you choose to eat your ice cream). The sauce seems to stick to the otap crusts. When I first ate this flavour, I wondered what the dark yellow component is. Only when I checked the ice cream cover did I realize that it was the leche flan part.

The first flavour I tried was Buco Pie con Leche Quezo Real. They are almost similar in taste, except for the hint of cheese. But since I am not a cheese person, I decided to focus with the one without cheese.

Like most Selecta ice creams, the Buco Pie con Leche comes in the 750 L and 1.5 L tub. If you just want to try this flavour, go for the smaller serving. So when you have grown to like it, you are ready for the bigger tub.