The Lenovo Smart Digital Weighing Scale Review

I recently purchased the Lenovo smart digital weighing scale and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. From the moment I opened the box, I was impressed by the scale’s sleek and elegant design. The use of tempered glass not only adds to its high-end look, but also makes it durable and easy to clean. The arc-shaped corners not only add to its modern aesthetic, but also make it safer to use.

One of the standout features of this scale is the inclusion of free batteries. This may seem like a small detail, but it’s a nice touch that saves me the trouble of having to purchase them myself. Additionally, the scale has an automatic switch on and off feature that helps to conserve battery life. This is a thoughtful design feature that ensures the scale is always ready to use when I need it.

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Setting up and using the scale was a breeze thanks to the clear and concise instructions included in the box. The scale is highly responsive and accurate, giving me reliable and consistent readings every time. I also appreciate the fast delivery, which meant that I was able to start using the scale right away.

One of the things I appreciate most about this scale is the range of color choices available. I opted for the elegant black version, but there are also several other options to choose from. This means that you can find a scale that perfectly matches your personal style and home decor.

To sum it up, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Lenovo smart digital weighing scale. Its sleek and elegant design, free batteries, clear instructions, and automatic switch on and off feature make it a standout product. The fast delivery, range of color choices, and high responsiveness and accuracy make it a great value for the money. It’s the perfect scale for home use and I would definitely recommend it to others.

LED Swinging Candles Flameless Candle Review

After the incident when mom forgot to extinguish her prayer candle and practically left it burning for 12 hours unattended, I immersed myself looking for a much more safer alternative. Honestly, I was worried just thinking about it because as we all know, unattended candles were usually the culprit of house fires.

As a Shopee fan as I am, it didn’t take long to find this battery operated flameless candle. I saw a bunch of designs but I settled on this one as it resembles a swinging candle fire, and melted wax in the sides.

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The 7 days of waiting is worth it except for 1 nuisance which I’m going to share towards the end of this review post. 

First off, I like the strong LED light. It has an orange tint that reflects brightly on to the swinging plastic “flame” giving it a more realistic feel. The candle body has a nice girth, neither too thin nor too thick, just like the real candles that I buy. At the bottom, there’s also an on and off switch for convenience. 

My only gripe is that it uses LR44 cell batteries similar to those being used in wrist watches. I was kind of expecting it to use AAA batteries but nope that’s why I was a bit disappointed. Cell-type batteries are also not as readily available as AAA batteries – I just can’t buy them in my suking tindahan. And so, I’m back in Shopee again looking for cell batteries and ended up buying a bunch of them to save me from delivery fees and horrendous waiting time. 

Overall, my mom loves it and I’m at peace knowing that even if she forgets to turn it off, nothing bad will happen.

GSM SIM-operated Wireless Landline Phone Review

My elderly mom has been using a small keypad Samsung phone for many years now. Even though it’s becoming hard for her to read the phone display because of her waning eyesight, she still tries to use it as much as she can.

With this in mind, I was in the lookout of finding a replacement for this phone. Preferably, something with a huge display and huge buttons. And then I came across this perfect landline wireless GSM SIM-operated phone.

The phone cost less than Php 1,000.00 pesos plus shipping in Shopee. It took Shopee Express more than a week to deliver the package. At one point, I had to contact Shopee’s customer service because it seems that they’ve lost the package. Long story short, they were able to deliver it in one piece.

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What I really like about this phone is that it has everything I was looking for plus a few more features. For example, it has a cool FM radio station even a child can operate it. The same speaker that plays music also serves as a hands-free speaker whenever you feel not wanting to use the handset. Cool right?

And of course, all of the features I’ve come to expect with keyword / features phone is available too. If you feel like reading and sending SMS, setting up a speed dialer or perhaps blocking a phone number – it’s all there. And speaking of phone numbers, the phone itself comes with its own 500-capacity internal phonebook.

Operating the menus is straightforward too. The left, right, up, down and OK buttons come in handy in many situations. Most of the phone’s buttons lit up so it’s easy to use them even in complete darkness. There’s also a select few choices of ring tones I can use, and it even sends an alarm if the phone is in low battery mode!

Mom is happy but not 100% happy yet. Although we’re getting a stable signal with this phone, I think she still misses the old palm-sized Samsung phone. Seriously, this phone has some weight and size, so it’s not easy to carry around for an elderly.

But overall, I think this is a smart purchase and I’m definitely happy to have this in our home.

Ulanzi J12 Wireless Lavalier Mic Review: Why I’m Not Impressed

First off, I own a Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE smartphone. I have to admit that this phone is a bit clumsy when it comes to external microphones. My Telesin shotgun mic does weird things but at the end of the day, I was able to make it work.

Ulanzi J12 on the other hand has chosen a different path instead so to speak. You see, Ulanzi J12 works perfectly with the default voice recorder right off the bat. Xiaomi 11 is able to capture the audio coming from the wireless microphone without any glitch. Its noise cancellation works flawlessly and I love it! The only problem is that I’ve specifically bought this wireless microphone not for audio recording but for video recording and sad to say it failed on me horribly.

For some reason Xiaomi 11’s MIUI 13.0.4 default camera doesn’t seem to recognize that Ulanzi J12 has just been inserted into its USB port. But like I said, the same microphone works perfectly with its default audio recorder app, which means that the camera app needs some updating.

There is a workaround though and that is by installing the Open Camera app from the Google Play Store. What I did was just change the audio source to an external mic, and the app was able to recognize Ulanzi J12 and use it subsequently. The only problem with this setup is that the Open Camera app is not able to use the stabilization feature of Xiaomi 11 which means if I keep moving the footage becomes too shaky and nauseating.

Where will this lead? I think I’m back to square one. When I’m out and about like nature vlogging, I’ll be using my Telesin shotgun mic to capture sound, and if I just sit and talk or do something that doesn’t require any huge camera movements, I’d use the Ulanzi J12.

Again, this is from my own personal experience with Ulanzi J12. It does work perfectly on many smartphone models out there, but if you own Xiaomi, think hard or you’ll be better off finding another brand unless installing another app like Open Camera app is not an issue to you.

My Credit Card Got Scammed

There are many ways people’s credit card get scammed. This is one of them, and this is my personal experience. I’m not going to go in detail as to what happened but here are the key highlights how it transpired.

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  • For some reasons, they got hold of the phone number I registered in my online credit card application. This “girl” started calling me for a solid 1 month, says she’s from BPI who will assist me of waving the annual fee, etc.
  • It took BPI one (1) month to activate my card, so in retrospect I was being saved from an early budol-budol
  • Two (2) hours after my card activation, this girl called me up again, so imagine my thinking that she’s really from BPI because she appears to know the progress (card activation). Small talks here and there, I ended up giving my credit card number, expiry date, CVV
  • I started doubting when the OTP PIN from Shopee arrived, she continues her bullshit talks, but I disconnected the call and called up BPI Customer Service to verify
  • Of course, it was impersonating BPI, so I immediately requested card blocking, and filed a dispute in Shopee. Overall, they scammed me 700.00 pesos

This “thing” took more than one (1) month of work from these guys, and I marvel their unwavering dedication to “follow up” and scam people’s money. Although it’s just a small amount but I feel so stupid by not catching their trick right away despite the fact that I’m very much expose to these kinds of activities. 

The thing to remember is that banks will never call us, we call them.  And when this “bank staff” started to ask for the card details, it’s a RED FLAG. Drop the call, call your bank immediately, have your card blocked, and ask for replacement right away.