Pocket-Sized Multi-Purpose Multi Tool 18-in-1 Review

I lose count of the number of times I’ve used a knife to tighten a screw or use scissors to cut a wire. We all did that at least once, and it’s frustrating. But buying individual tools costs money not to mention that I would only use them very rarely. Compact tools, therefore, are the best bet.

There are a ton of compact tools I can buy in Lazada. I even had one before with a foldable long nose pliers and a small flash light built into it. I used to carry it everywhere I go. But I know I had to get another one, a much bigger one.

This pocket-sized multi-purpose multi tool seems to be the perfect fit. It has all the mini tools I need for those emergency repairs. It has an open wrench, cutter, pliers, screws and knife. It says it’s made from stainless steel which seems to hold true because this thing is still rust-free after keeping it for 3 months.

Would I recommend this? I say yes. Anyone can keep it in their bag, truck or even in the motorcycle’s ubox. Nothing beats when you’re in the middle of the road and you need to pull out a metal sticking in the wheel of your car and you have this with you. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space, it’s lightweight you can even forget it’s there.

It’s definitely not the best compact tool out there but for the price, I think it’s a steal. The tool has lots of positive reviews, which only goes to show that it works as promised.

Comet USB Rechargable 100 Lumens Head Light Review

Being “invisible” is probably one of the reasons why road biking is considered dangerous especially at night. That is why the first thing I did was to look for LED lights that are not only cheap but also strong enough for drivers and commuters alike to see me cycling on the road.

I already have a blinking tail light from Gaciron. I was on the lookout for a white LED light for my handlebar. I could easily get a flashlight but the cheapest branded item was around 1,200 pesos, and I was not ready to shell out that amount just yet because I don’t need a powerful light in the first place.

And then I came across with Comet USB Rechargeable 100 Lumens Head Light. It’s a small, compact, white-red bicycle LED light perfect for what I need. Long press turns it on and off. Quickly pressing cycles to the available modes from steady to fast blink. It comes with the easy grip rubber mechanism making it super easy to attach virtually anywhere. I got 2 of these for 200.00 pesos each. Right now, they’re on the fork and they look good.

100 lumens may not be that bright enough but my purpose was not “to see” but “to be seen.” I also don’t have any plans to blind approaching drivers. Having 2 makes it even more appealing because they resemble like head lights. I highly recommend this product. It’s affordable, works out of the box and above all, environmentally-friendly because I don’t need to replace batteries.

iMortor eBike Front Wheel Conversion Kit Review

I’m always fascinated with ebikes. In fact, I have a Compton Foldable eBike I bought from CDR-King 4 years ago. Just this year, I bought another ebike — the iMortor Conversion Kit. What I really like about this ebike, is the fact that I can attach this on any bike because it’s just a wheel with a built-in motor and battery attach to it.

This is perfect for me since I already own a mountain bike, and don’t have to buy a new one. All I did was remove the front wheel on my existing bike, and then replace it with iMortor wheel. It’s an exact fit,  since I bought the conversion kit fitted for bikes using V brake. The other version is for those front wheels that use disk brakes. 

In the manual, it says that I can use the battery between 10 and 15 kilometers range, but in my experience, it can hardly support 8 kilometers straight without pedaling. I think what happened here, is that there are really a lot of factors that affect my range. For example, I maybe too heavy, the temperature too hot, there were lots of traffic stops, the angle of elevation, and of course, the weight of the bike. 

Nonetheless, assisted pedaling gets me around 13-14 kilometers on a single charge. By the time I reach my destination, the battery is too depleted, which is never a good thing for Lithium-Ion batteries. Depleting Lithium-Ion batteries would, undoubtedly, shorten their service time. I do have a plan to buy another battery pack, but I still have to save 6,500 pesos to get one from Aliexpress. 

I’ve been using this for almost a month now, and I can say I’m very much satisfied with this purchase. I most appreciate it during run stop run and small hills. When you’re into biking, small hills can really sweat you a lot and drain your energy.

Garden Nylon Trellis Net Support Review

Growing Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd can be difficult specially if you live in a condo or areas with a limited space. However, I found a nifty solution that is not only easy to install but also a breeze to remove.

I did try using tamsi or fishing rope but that proved difficult to accomplish. When pulled side to side, the whole thing would look like a mess apart from it being difficult to tie on each end.

My plan was to put up a net-like structure with enough spaces in between to let the vines climb upon. It was also to be put on a newly-painted white wall so using kawayan or kahoy was never an option. I was about to abandon this plan and just let my Ampalaya climb into our Atis tree when I saw this product in Lazada.

What I really like about this Nylon Trellis Net Support is how easy it is to install. It fits perfectly on our wall and only need 4 nails to support it. It works modular which means I can just add another one on either side to extend coverage. In the future, I’d like to try it horizontally installed, so I get Ampalaya fruits hanging above my head.

The possibility of using this net support product is limitless. I could think of a dozen ways to use it but for now, Bitter Gourd is what I love to grow.

At the time of purchase, it was 178 per piece. The size is about 1 x 1.5 meter. I bought 2 of these and planning to buy some more in the future. Overall, the product works, is neat and downright cheap.

Billease.PH Review

I love Lazada because this is where I get difficult to find items. I would have loved it even more when billease.ph was introduced and my application pushed through but it didn’t. Here’s the reason why.

First off, billease.ph is a service that works like a credit card; you get your items, pay using the generated voucher and then send staggered payments in different ways including to our “pambansang sari-sari store” 7 11.

It was all good until I’ve decided to apply. The website promised 1 day application processing but it took them 9 solid days to get back only to tell me that I need to send a screenshot of my bank statement. I complied, took them another 2 days to tell me they needed another screenshot of my bank statement of the previous month. This time, I refused.

Apparently, the delay was caused by the overwhelming applications they received and the limited number of people working to minimize those backlogs, said so their email. That is totally unacceptable to me. They should have anticipated the volume in the first place.

The system also needs some minor upgrades. For instance, you are only allowed to upload jpg and not pdf. PDF is the standard format for documents. You don’t send payslips, bank statements and whatnot in jpg because they contain multiple pages and using pdf is the easiest way to do that.

Second, a text box is provided as a means to communicate with them but no matter how many times I clicked on the submit button, it just doesn’t work. I’m not sure if it works with Firefox or Edge but definitely not in Chrome. As a developer, it’s your job to test your website on different browsers and see if it works seamlessly.

And lastly, there is an available online chat but surprise, no one really bothers to answer you.

Well, I hope billease sorts out these issues very soon. Until then, I’ll stick with COD.

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