Loan Ranger Online Cash Loan Review

Like Tala which I reviewed on this post, Loan Ranger is yet another online lending app available for those who are in need of a financial help. I actually applied to Loan Ranger before I became a Tala member and had gone through of waiting ten (10) days just to get a reply. During that time, they kept asking me to send various documents including payslip, proof of income, etc. I’ve grown tired and I quit.

Fast forward and for the sake of creating this review, I resubmitted my requirements, waited for 5 days and got it approved! By the way, just to let you know, I’m also a BillEase user (here’s my review) for quite sometime now. I think both apps are own by a single company because basically they have the same dashboard that only differs in color. They are also being advertised along side with the other. 

So, aside from the required documents that I sent them, my record in BillEase would have speed up my approval this time. Had I been a bad borrower in BillEase, I doubt I’ll get a green light for Loan Ranger.

Between Loan Ranger and Tala, Loan Ranger offers the lowest monthly interest rate of 12% compared to Tala at 15%. That is enough reason for me to jump ship and use Loan Ranger solely in the future.

As with all online lending app, you need to use them sparingly. The outrageous interest rates are just hard to shallow but as I’ve said before, you gotta do what you gonna have to do.

Tala Personal Loan Review (Update)

I have been successful in borrowing money from for three (3) consecutive times. And like everyone else, I started with 1,000.00 pesos and gradually moved up the ladder to 4,500.00 pesos.

I did mention in my previous post that Tala has absolutely no sense of urgency. On their website, they promise one (1) day processing but you usually end up waiting up to ten (10) days just to get a reply. I’m not sure if this experience haunts others but to be fair, once you are approved, reborrowing is no longer a problem.

The secret to improving the loanable amount is to simply pay them on or before the due date. I usually pay half on the first payroll and then the remaining balance on the next payday. This proved to be a little circus because you have to plan ahead when to borrow if you like to pay as I did.

I borrowed 4,500 pesos last time and it went up to 5,175. That puts it to 675.00 pesos in interest for 30 days (at 15%). It’s rather difficult to swallow but sometimes, we gonna do what we gonna do.

As mentioned in my previous post, Tala is not something you can depend on when you want to buy a new phone. The interest rate is just remarkably high. Use it for emergency situations only and try to live within your means. Paying debt by making more debt is a vicious cycle and I learned my lessons the hard way.

Tala Personal Loan Review

Who would ever have thought that I would actually use an online lending or pautang app. I guess I’m just at the lowest point of my financial life right now that I can no longer stretch out my last peso until the next payday.

There are countless of horrible stories about these kinds of apps. In fact, they are now being investigated for their downright intrusiveness and ubod ng kabastusan in debt collection on delinquent accounts. These apps are known to read your phone contacts and then blasting them with spam text messages telling your friends and family to remind you of your long overdue payments.

But I have not read anything like that with Tala. Either I have not scoured the web thoroughly just yet or Tala is not doing this at all.

But enough of it, let’s go right down to the meat. When I signed up with Tala, they asked me to take photos of my documents. If I’m not mistaken, I sent them my SSS ID. Filled in the form and after a day of waiting, I’m able to loan as much as 1,500 pesos (starting amount for newbies).

My first loan was 1,000.00 pesos and after 30 days, I would have to pay 1,150.00 that’s 15% interest. The loanable amount will eventually increase as I continue to use it and build my credit score. 

If you ask me, Tala is not something you will use to buy things that you “want.” The interest rate is just too high because it’s an unsecured loan, meaning there’s no collateral involved. If you need stuff, however, like smartphones, tablets and whatnot, there’s BillEase of Lazada.

Would I recommend Tala? Definitely yes. Even if it’s just 1,000.00 pesos it would make a lot of difference for a person who needed that help.

Lazada Philippines Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate program in its simplest form means that you’re helping someone sell their products and services and you get a commission for each successful conversion or sale. Huge eCommerce websites like Amazon run their own affiliate programs, and here in the Philippines we have Lazada and Shopee.

I’ve been a Lazada affiliate for quite a while now but never really had the time to focus on it until this year. Now, this review is not to teach you how to do an affiliate marketing, but just an impression of how their people deal with small affiliates like me.

To start off, they are really on time when it comes to sending bulk emails about their upcoming promos and events. They want us to know this ahead of time because they want us to feature these products on our websites. Well, kudos to that.

The only problem is that when I emailed them every day for 2 weeks, it took them more than a month to reply. To add insult to the injury, the “affiliate manager” told me that my email address was tagged as a [spam] email. I’m not using a free email service. I’m using my website’s main email address. That was the first and only reply I got from them. All succeeding emails were simply ignored.

I did try to email them using my @gmail just to test it out, but the result was essentially the same — crickets. Not a single “affiliate manager” bothered to answer my email. I even tried to reach them in Skype, because, guess what, their Skype username is on their newsletter! Again, crickets.

Out of desperation, I also chatted with one of their support staff that handles product sales and after sales. But I can always tell that they themselves were clueless about their own affiliate program.

It’s just unfortunate that these people don’t really care on small affiliates like me and can’t be bothered to answer emails back. Affiliate marketing takes time, money and effort to execute, and it’s sad that they’ve become yet another unresponsive online company.

Guajave Mini Wireless USB Adapter 150mbps WiFi Bluetooth Receiver Review

I own a 6-year old PC that doesn’t have a WIFI or Bluetooth receiver and it’s becoming really annoying to look for the cable every time I want to transfer images or listen to my JBL Charge 3 speaker.

And so this made me realize that I have to own one of these because it’s are not only easy to use but is also extremely cheap. I bought one from a Chinese vendor in Lazada and took me 2 weeks of waiting to get my hands on it. The price is 282.00 pesos excluding the shipping cost of 97.00.

I did look for this at the local stores but that proved to be difficult to find one because most PCs and laptops already have built in. On top of that, either the staff is clueless of what I’m looking for or sell me utterly expensive brands that do the same thing. For me, buying from Lazada is the best option.

Using the Guajave WiFi and BT receiver was a breeze. I’m on Windows 10 OS and there’s absolutely nothing to install to make it work. There’s a couple standard setups to do though, but in less than 2 minutes or so,  I was able to stream down my music wirelessly into my JBL speaker. I also tested the WIFI receiver, but never bothered to test it truly beyond being connected to the router since I use Ethernet cable. Cable is a must for a gamer like me.

In its packaging it says up to 150 mbps, so it’s already pretty fast even if your’re doing video streaming. It’s not going to buffer the video or whatnot. Gaming is different because of the latency, ping, etc. will all affect the experience and wireless connections are notorious for not delivering such speeds.

All in all, I would highly recommend this product over the others. The build is sturdy and unlike the previous one I bought, the one with an antenna that only lasted for a few hours because the USB broke, this one is for keeps.