GoMo Unlimited Data 499 Pesos Review

I recently tried the ₱499 (+77 Shopee shipping) GoMo SIM 30-Day Unlimited Data, and all I can say is that it works! And because I put the SIM card on a Globe At Home prepaid router, the whole family is enjoying it as well. Perfect timing.

Now the fun part. The thing about this “unlimited data” promo is that they don’t offer it like forever. They come and go, now you see it, now you don’t. Why? Because unlimited data promo is used primarily to lure people to use their service. If GoMo would make this permanent, other telcos would go out of business because naturally, everyone will jump into GoMo. The network overloads, the internet speed sucks again, GoMo gets sued, and so on and so forth. 

The same thing actually happened with DiTo and Smart’s Giga app. Their unlimited data promo was suspended indefinitely. 

I guess if you are truly looking for an unlimited internet access in the Philippines, mobile data isn’t the one that you should be looking at. I know there are unlimited mobile access abroad, but nope, it’s not something that will happen in the Philippines yet.

The best bet for unlimited access is to apply for a Fiber connection from Globe, PLDT, Sky, Converge, etc. 

Telcos are throwing at us with so many promos we can hardly keep up. I know Globe is currently running an unlimited 5G data promo for ₱599, but the pain in the ass is that you have to have a 5G router/mobile phone to avail this otherwise, you’ll end up consuming the limited 4G data allocated given to you.

And, did you know that 5G routers will cost you ₱12,000 up?

So back to my GoMo review. I know that after a month of using it, it’s impossible to avail of another 30-day unlimited mobile data unless they’ll offer it again. On their FB page, I saw a lot of people requesting to have it again, but I guess, for now, the only way to enjoy it is to buy a new GoMo SIM card. 

Would I recommend GoMo? Yes, if you lower your expectations of not enjoying it the next month or the following months. And yes, if the Globe network runs fast in your area. After all, GoMo is Globe Telecom.

Portable Automatic USB Rechargeable Electric Water Pump Dispenser Bottle Review

The reason why I bought this rechargeable water dispenser is not because I need it but my sister and mom need it. They live in another city and the manual water dispenser has become a pain in the neck to use. Every time they empty a gallon, that means they have to replace it with another one — and that’s heavy!

Fast forward, I first saw this automated, rechargeable water pump dispenser when I went to a friend house. I was amazed how simple it works. Although it makes weird noises, but hey, I really can’t complain of a 200-peso product. Last week, I ordered mine from vermosapoty.ph in Shopee. It wasn’t that cheap like what my friend has, but it’s still cheap. I bought it for 451.00 pesos + shipping. 

Good thing they also had this flexible adapter cause I was also looking for that like crazy. I have this CCTV bulb camera that I needed to mount but the installed bulb socket was in an inclined position, and so I definitely need this too.

The verdict? Well, I would say this product is a great help especially for seniors and on all girls family members. No more carrying and inverting of heavy-loaded water gallons. Am I recommending this? I would.

Bulk Natural Dried Flower Pressed Leaves for DIY Soap Candle Making Supplies Review

There are a ton of suppliers of dried, pressed flowers and leaves in Shopee. I’m reviewing this particular product from the seller lovoski2.ph. You may or may not find this product anymore when you come across this review as product listings are easily activated and deactivated.

Lately, I’ve been doing some crafts and thought of adding flowers and leaves into it would be a great idea. Buyers tend to buy items other than the ordinary. And so the search began and I end up buying two (2) packs from lovosk2.ph. 

Lovoski2.ph is a Chinese seller selling in Shopee. They just call their store that way, so they would know that the order came from the Philippines. I bet these people are also selling to other countries or even have multiple stores in Shopee. We wouldn’t know. 

The first order went pretty well. The usual 2 weeks of waiting before the items arrived. The plastic packing survived and didn’t break during shipping, leaves nicely pressed and flowers dried. I had a fun using them, in fact, I ordered another 3 packs which recently just arrived. 

The problem with my latest order is that some of the plastic packs were broken. Other than this, the items are beautiful, vibrant and useful. These flowers are so small which makes them perfect for resin projects.

The verdict? Definitely, worth my money. 

i-Tech Matte Vinyl Sticker Review

If you are into selling, crafts or printing cute and funny stickers, chances are you need a good vinyl sticker paper. Well, after trying a few brands, I made a conclusion that i-Tech Matte Vinyl Sticker paper is one of the best ones out there.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither National Bookstore or Expression stores carry the i-Tech brand. And so my only option is to buy it from Lazada. It costs 270.00 pesos and 108.00 pesos delivery fee for 20 pcs A4 sheets @ 18.00 pesos a piece. It’s a bit expensive compared to the local stickers but the difference of the finished print outs is just hard to ignore.

First off, I use a dye-based ink printer, which means smearing and smudging is real, which means a drop of water will ruin everything. With i-Tech vinyl sticker, smudging is still there but the inks dry so fast that if I touch it, it will not smear on the paper. I’ve tried it with other stickers, and even after a few hours of drying, the black prints still smudge all over the place. I’m not saying that even if I pour water into the prints it won’t smudge. I’m just saying that unlike other stickers, it dries fast and won’t smudge or blot with a dry hand.

Next, it’s a hardy sticker and by that I mean it won’t tear apart just easily. This happens to me all the time especially when I’m sticking it into glass surfaces and the sticker doesn’t align perfectly. Some stickers will not go beyond first pass, and they just tear apart if you try to remove them.

My products do not usually get wet but if they do, I could just use a photo top to make it splash proof. Photo top is like a transparent sheet that will cover the stickers to protect them from accidental splashes. I’ve heard many times on YouTube that even people who are using pigment-based ink printers that are supposedly waterproof still use photo top application to make it even more splash proof.

The verdict? Well, I’m definitely recommending this product if you’re serious about sticker printing.

Veger VP1018 10000mAh Mini Power Bank Review

My 20,000mAh Romoss powerbank is dying, and so I was on the hunt for another powerbank. I would say that Romoss is what of those brands and you can never go wrong with them. Unfortunately, there are tons of “Romoss” fake products on Lazazda, and as with other fake products, they tend to be really dirt cheap.

20,000mAh powerbank is heavy. With multiple recharging you can do with them, the heaviness seems justified. However, this time I’m looking for a powerbank that is easy to carry around since I’m buying 2 of them for myself and my niece. I settled with Verger 10,000 mAh and this review is what it is all about.

For starters, I paid 399.00 each plus shipping fee of 97 pesos. The shipment took almost 2 weeks, the package intact, and everything went smoothly. With it comes the standard android charging cable, and few paper inserts.

Unlike my Romoss, it only shows 4 small white LEDs for battery level instead of a digital display, a power button on the left side of the panel, and 2 USB charging outputs at the top of it. Front and back panels in matte finish, sturdy build but the plastic felt cheap. Fingerprint marks still visible but not that clearly because of its black color.

This is a perfect fit for my needs. Right now, I’m looking for portability rather than an enormous capacity. I have a 4,500 mAh mobile phone battery, so I guess I can get 2 full recharges using this powerbank — no more than that.