Pawning (Prenda, Sangla) an item is not new to me. I’ve been pawning for the past 20 years and I know lots of people do it as well. First timers cringe with the idea of “giving up” their valuables, I feel that too, but when you’re in deep need of some cash, it surely is the last thing that goes through your mind.

Most pawnshops would only accept jewelry. But what happens if you have this really cool LED TV or mountain bike and none of your friends could lend you fast cash despite the collateral? Well, if you’re anywhere near Pardo or Tabunok Talisay, you could always try and visit PAG-ASA Pawnshop.

Just last week, I pawned my Samsung Galaxy Y for PhP 1,600.00 for the 4th time. I needed some extra cash to make ends meet as I’ve just spent my entire salary to buy a new mountain bike. The Monthly Interest rate is at 5% which will be deducted upfront along with its Service Charge of PhP 5.00 against the Principal amount.

See also: Pag-Asa Branches phone numbers.

Now, should I fail to redeem (lukat) the item after one (1) month, I could simply pay PhP 80.00 to extend the ticket and avoid surcharge. A penalty of 2% is added on top of the 5% making your PhP 80.00 to PhP 112.00. The difference is not really that much right but the bigger your Principal Amount is, the heavier the surcharge becomes.

Like any other pawnshops, Pag-asa holds regular auctions from time to time. You’ll see huge banners hanging around their premises when they do. I’ve been there once, lots of people and stuff but haven’t liked any items at all.  By the way, they’re a bit picky when it comes to Tablets. They only recognize and accept two (2) brands – Apple and Samsung. Mine is Asus, a trusted PC brand but they aren’t really interested in it.

With fast service, high appraisal rate and friendly staff, I won’t hesitate to recommend PAG-ASA pawnshop for your gadgets and whatnot. They helped me on more than one occasion, I’m quite sure they’ll help you too 🙂

Update (6/9/2013): I just pawned my 1/2hp aircon unit for PhP 2,500.00 3 days ago and was made to produce the certificate of ownership. I’m pretty sure this was not the case 2 years ago because my sister pawned my fridge and was never asked for such. I understand it’s a deterrent for stolen items but also for those who had their units as gifts or benefits. Would you rather ask your boss for a certificate of ownership if he wishes to give you his 6-month old fridge? Not in a million years 🙂

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