124, A. Luna, Brgy. Marilag, Project 4, Quezon City, 1109, Philippines
(02) 439 3694
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AboutA child care organization for long and short term care.
ServicesHome life, educational, discipleship, leadership, community outreach, music and arts, sports, and practical skills program
DonationsAccepts donations in cash or in kind (e.g. groceries, usable toys/clothing, home appliance, school supplies, toiletries, etc.)

Donate funding for school building projects; provide a meal for birthday celebrations, anniversaries or special occasions

For cash donations: Bank of Commerce, Cubao Branch; Account Name: Shepherd of the Hills Children's Foundation Inc.; US dollar Account No.: 028210000315 / Peso Account No.: 02800000462-8 / Swift Code: 028210000412 pabiphmm 1How can I help? Retrieved: 09/26/18 12:33 am
TagsNGO facility
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