Tabe, Guiguinto, Bulacan
(44) 794 0050
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Selling babies is child trafficking and is punisable by law
AboutA temporary residence for neglected and abandon children. The facility also provides various activities geared towards child development and efforts to reunite them to their biological families.
ServicesTemporary residential, institutional child care for children aged 0 to 12 yrs old, formal education, expanded program for the youth, sports and recreation program, spiritual values formation, human development service, nutrition and health care
CoverageCovers the 24 towns in Bulacan; children from other areas accepted on a case to case basis
DonationsClothes, books, towels, toys, etc.; call to arrange visit
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  1. Good afternoon. Am inquiring for a niece, single mother with 3 month old baby. No family to turn to. Parents separated, with new families. She had no siblings. She had children from 1st marriage but husband died. Children with in laws. She had this baby but the father of the baby left her. Can you recommend a place to
    provide temporary home for her and baby. Tnx

  2. Good morning po. We are planning to give some treats for the children on Jan 10, 2021 its my son’s 7th birthday that he wants to share something. I want to know your protocols and information. Please advice. Thank you. Stay safe and God bless.