1123 San Marcelino St, Paco, Manila, 1007 Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 498 1705 | 0917 943 4111 | 0956 369 0073
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Selling babies is child trafficking and is punisable by law
AboutA free halfway house for pediatric cancer patients.
ClassNGO facility
SupportPediatric cancer patients
ServicesProvides temporary shelter for patients and their family
AdmissionOncologist’s referral
DonationsStuff you can donate: cleaning supplies, medical supplies (e.g. alcohol, cotton, face mask, kool fever, gauze, surgical tapes, thermometer, portable oxygen tank, wheelchair, stretcher, nebulizer, blood pressure monitor), school supplies, toys, mattress pad, diaper, slippers, raincoat stroller for baby and toddler, milk food, and toiletries

Not allowed: fast food, hotdogs, chocolates, foods more on preservatives
OthersFor birthday celebrations and case studies, contact facility to arrange schedule
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  1. Hi there. In September 2019 I visited your house, Macelino Street, and made a donation. Now I want to donate something again, but I’m not in Manila now. My question: Do you have a bank account for your institution, I would be very happy to have a bank account. With kind regards. karl granitzny.

  2. Dear Mayette,
    Dear Mayette,
    Please acknowledge the donation sent to your oganization of the sum of Australian $2000.00 early this year through Western Union. On the phone conversation with you, you confirmed that you have received the donation,
    Please, I need a confirmation email or letter from your organization. I need it for my taxation return otherwise the Bureau of Taxation will charge me for the donation that I gave to your company. God less you and praying for the success of your company. Sincerely yours, Amy A. Bartjes

  3. I’m confused. I thought “Bahay Aruga” needs help and donations. I’ve seen photos of PLDT big guy Mr. Pangilinan and other big names who gave donations to the said place. But we’ve been trying to contact the 2 ladies, Ms. Mayet 09991441119. and Ms. Shanna 09774583859 who, we were told handle schedules but NEVER got a message in return.
    Do we need to be well-known personalities before they can return our call? hmmm…

  4. I wish you all, especially the children all the best and good. I hope my donation 200.00 € has helped them a bit. My appearance in September was certainly a bit unusual, but I was emotionally moved. I wish you all the best, you have my respect.