Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City
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Selling babies is child trafficking and is punisable by law
AboutA child caring and placing agency.
ClassNGO facility
SupportAbandoned, surrendered, neglected children, youths and their families, unemployed adults, women, older persons, migrants, persons living with HIV, and persons in crisis
OthersMember of the Association of Child Caring Agencies in the Philippines
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  1. Hello po,i just want to us,if there are still willng to adopt a child. Im 27yrs.old,work as maid. I am to give birth this April 2018.And for the good future of the child I just decided to give up his/her for adoption though it hurts but I just choose this for his/her welfare since it was hard
    for me to give him/her a better life.To those who want/willing pls. contact me in this phone no.09369737628.

  2. Hi! i am planning to do a feeding activity for orphanage. How many kids do you have for me to prepare for the budget?

  3. Hi, I’m a single female in my late 40s looking to adopt a child or infant. Can you please help me? Thank you.

    1. Or better yet, a phone number will do. I am pregnant right now and I don’t want the child. call me 09472463231