Angel House Orphanage Philippines
Angel House is a home for up to 20 children aged 0-6 years who are abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned.

San Isidro, Davao Oriental
0919 819 4142
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We had four little angels in the hospital over the past week, including five month old MA (photo). Thankfully the last one was discharged yesterday and they are all now back in Angel House, but still have to take a course of medicines to fully recover.
A big thanks to Tony & Angie Yeates from the UK for a generous donation; for a full list of recent donations please visit our website:
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We have three little angels in hospital right now with diarrhea and fever; two-year old JM, five month old SL and five month old Leo (photo). They are in good hands and with treatment are sure to make a fast recovery.
Thanks to Nancy Burns, George Innis and Fred Bouwman for their welcome donations at this difficult time.
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We celebrated a double birthday with GK becoming nine years old and AL five years old. Kenneth has been with us for almost three years and is the oldest child in Angel House; AL has only been here for six months and will be returning to his family soon, along with his two younger sisters. Thanks to Vincent Purcell for sponsoring the cake and ice cream, which we all enjoyed sharing.
Thanks also to Ruth Beattie for donating groceries through the virtual store on our website:
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jin pyeon
jin pyeon

Hello from Canada Do you have a facebook account ?. Do you accept momey from foreign country ?


Hello Jin and thanks for reaching out. I believe their FB page is