I remember the time when my small room is crowded.  Clothes are either hanged or folded in the laundry baskets or big carton boxes.  Books, folders and papers were placed in the table.  Other knick knacks were placed in some small boxes.  Although I try to keep it neat and dust-free, I simply can’t do it.  It will be a tedious work that I can’t do every day because of my other tasks.

That is when I decide to buy something to store my things and declutter my room.  I opt for storage boxes or drawers which are very common nowadays.  When I go to the mall, different designs are available in different plain colors.  But I am looking for something different.  Then I chanced upon Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer.  I love it at first glance since it has printed designs in vibrant colors that make it very unique among others.  It is available in four colors and I pick Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer Candy.

The product is ideal for bedroom, living room and even offices.  It is ideal for storing not only clothes and linens but also other items like books, papers, toys, cosmetics among others.

Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer is made of durable plastic.  It has a solid bottom and a tubular support that makes it more sturdy.  The drawers are spacious and glides easily with easy to grip handles.  It also protects my belongings from moth, dust and mites and it is moisture-proof.

Another thing that I like about the product is its fresh powder scent.  I’ve been using my Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer for quite some time and it still smells good.  Other plastic storage releases some kind of a pungent, sweaty odor after some years of use.

And if you want rearrange your room, Orocan Milano 5-Layer Drawer is so portable and light weight that you can move it anywhere with ease.

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