The only reason why I’ve chosen lazada to buy some stuff is because I couldn’t find them anywhere, or at least, I don’t want to spend hours and hours scouring stores to no avail or talking to a person who stares at you clueless. Also, I’m that type of person who doesn’t really appreciates a crowd, so online shopping perfectly fits my bill.

I’ve read some really nasty blog writeups about lazada — fake stuff, delayed delivery and what not. But this didn’t hinder me from making my first order. I felt secured because mine was cash on delivery (COD) meaning, I don’t have to pay a centavo in advance. It’s like McDonalds or Jollibee, you only pay when the it arrives.

What I really love about lazada is how they keep me well-informed. They sent me a bunch of updates (e.g. emails, SMS) and even received a text message telling me that the courier is on his way. And sure he did, I received my first COD order at around 5 pm that day.

The waiting time is a pain in the ass. There’s no instant gratification in any online shopping. It’s a fact of life that you have to umm… wait. Surely this can be improved but I’m not expecting this to happen anytime soon. That is why I only order products which are hard to find or stuff that I couldn’t find here in Cebu.

Also, I just realized that it’s best to make up your mind and make 1 big order and not individual orders on different dates. This will greatly save you the pain in waiting. I did the exact opposite, so now I’m waiting for 2 separate deliveries to complete.

Lazada allows you to use various payment methods. I’ve tried Paypal and Cash on Delivery (COD) already. They do accept credit card payments and many of their items are offered on an installment basis.

When it comes to price, I think they’re reasonable. In fact, the items that I ordered were way cheaper than the items being sold by one of the distributors here in Cebu. If you’re ordering in lazada, the best way remains — do your homework and find other sellers you can compare with.

So far, I’m satisfied and seeing myself ordering for more this time on.

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6 years ago

I am a Lazada seller. I started just this past summer. Lazada requires all sellers to submit DTI Certificate, Business Permit, and BIR Certificate of Registration otherwise they won’t get access to sell. Its true, COD does make buyers feel safe with their money and there are other payment options such as credi/debit card, paypal, alipay, and BDO installments.
My shop is small and new with few products listed. Still enjoying the work growing it…
Also linked to my Lazada shop is my facebook page. Feel free to visit and Like my facebook page so you can help decide what other products I can add to my shop.

Michelle Bauyon
Michelle Bauyon
5 years ago
Reply to  MegaPack

My problem with them is i had my first order from a client and it has been 2 months already hut they hold thw payout adking me to uploaf my cor and I already did until now they have not paid me yet

4 years ago

I bought Nova 3i from Lazada, seller Gadget World (Order placed On Sept.22,2018). The package came so early than promised in their timetable (Sept.26,2018) but the when I opened it, it contains old myphone box with broken tile inside it. I immediately called 2GO courier but He (delivery staff) refuse to recieve back the anomalous package. I called LAZADA 027958900 and reported the bogus. The customer service representative told me to continue opening the second box which contains freebies Bluetooth speaker and so it has but the phone is missing. it was replaced with garbage (tile/stone). Customer care told me to drop it to LBC for return which I did on SEPT.26 but One-LBC branch refuse to process and refer me to Reclamation area LBC. It was finally accepted on SEPT.27. I had here my return receipt since then. On Oct.3 the status of return seen on LAZADA APP was cancelled for any reason unknown to me. Again and again for 5th time I reload (extra expense) my Sim and call them for update of return and refund. Too much stress, waste of time, effort, money, and no assurance at all. I hope LAZADA will refund to my EastWest credit card. Its now OCT 3 and LBC is still waiting for SEA CARGO VESSEL bound for Manila. Customer sacrificed for their fault.

4 years ago

Lazada can’t be trusted now. So sad that after many purchases from them they managed to scam me this time. They sent me a piece of broken tile instead of 15,762.00 worth nova phone. Seller gadget world.

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