From the maker of the best-selling anti aging facial cream, comes a product breakthrough, the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Intense Moisture face and body bar.

I am a soap lover! And countless times, I shift from one soap to another. I already tried varieties  like papaya soap, kojic acid, gluthathione and many more. Until last week while I was strolling in the supermarket, I stumbled upon this golden-labeled soap . I am quite familiar with the Olay Papaya and Natural White but this 7 in 1 Intense face and body bar looks promising and made me want to give it a try.

The Olay Promise:

Compared to ordinary bars, it not only helps wash away dry surface cells but also gives you 7 benefits in 1 bar: Softens skin, evens skin tone, holds more moisture, smoothens rough skin, helps reveal natural fairness, makes skin look more radiant and minimises the appearance of dry lines

Pros: I am not a fan of strong scented, fragrant soaps. This one has a mild scent almost like powdery, and I loved it!  It’s mild and gentle you can smother the soap on your face. After two weeks use, I noticed my skin became smooth and glowing. I did not experience any break outs. It’s not drying unlike any other whitening and anti-ageing soaps in the market. It doesn’t have a stinging effect.

It is very affordable. It costs 70 Php for the 120 grams, and 50 Php for the smaller box/package.

Cons: I don’t see any whitening effect, maybe I should use it regularly. The soap easily melts down, perhaps because of the glycerin content.

Should I buy this again? Definitely! I am not really into the whitening effect. I just love how it makes my skin smooth, glowing and younger looking.

I just turned 30. Since then, I became quite cautious when it comes to skin care product. Olay is one of the most trusted brands in the market. I love all their products especially their creams and moisturizers. And I give credit to Olay for giving me a younger looking skin.  I recommend this soap for those who have a sensitive skin.

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