I first bought Olay because I wanted to find an alternative to Olay Total Effects Daily moisturizer which I’ve used before. I love this product but it’s a bit on the costly side. A bottle of this moisturizer costs around PhP 550, and when you have bills to pay, and other daily expenses, you have to find a way to stretch your monthly budget. When I’m tight for cash, the first thing that usually suffers is my beauty regime, which I consider a bit of a luxury. So my plan was not to completely stop using a facial moisturizer but instead use a product that I could afford.

This is where OLAY moisturizing lotion comes in.  Now, there are many different kinds of Olay moisturizers you will find on the shelf. The one I use simply goes by the name -OLAY moisturizing lotion. You can identify this by this label as well as by its clean appearance. The plastic bottle is a light pink and it has a small black cap. The box is white and has a black lining on top, imprinted on the front is the title: OLAY moisturizing lotion, a 75 ml container cost PhP 240 in the mall.

What I like about OLAY moisturizing lotion is aside from how affordable it is, is that it’s so light on your skin, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.  I also have a sensitive skin, so I’m careful when it comes to putting any kind of products on my face. OLAY moisturizing lotion doesn’t make my face break out into pimples. Instead, it leaves it feeling soft and replenished. Plus, it doesn’t have a scent, which I like. After a week of use, I noticed as well that the fine lines under my eyes were diminishing. I put OLAY moisturizing lotion on my face every night just before I go to bed. Also, in the morning before I put on my makeup.

This moisturizer gets absorbed by your skin easily. But if you’re applying makeup, it’s best to wait for a minute or two before you start applying your foundation. Truth be told, I don’t really have any bad things to say about this product. I bought mine on March, and I still have half a bottle. Now, even if I have money to spare on indulgences, I choose to stick to OLAY moisturizing lotion, not only for its affordable price, but because it does wonders for my skin.

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