Over the years of experimenting in search for the solution to my pimple problem. Last March, I brought home the Clinique Skin Care Solution No.3 hoping this will change all my bad pimple days. It is designed for oily skin and has 3 steps. Excited to use this regimen for the first time, I tried it that same night. First is the facial foam, i noticed that it conditions my skin, no bubbles and no smell facial foam.

After foaming, I applied the exfoliator – solution no.2, I noticed that in my first few tries of this product, I saw dead skin debris on my cotton swabs!. The Clinique belief is that our face needs to exfoliate everyday to prevent clogging of pores and to have a clear smooth skin!. After letting my face dry comes step 3,the moisturizer which I believe is not just the barrier that protects my skin from irritation but also to keep my skin well hydrated.

I can say that this product really gives the bang for the buck! Getting the best facial foam, the best exfoliator and the best moisturizer (and this will turn out to be of different brands) I usually end up spending almost P 8,000.00, but with the Clinique Skin Care Regimen it’s just P 5,000.00. That’s the amount of money I can stretch to almost two months even if I use this product twice a day.

After the fourth day, I can see that my skin become smoother, my pimples have dried up without actually looking dry. It also banishes the redness of my pimples, which I believe is because of the continuous exfoliation. In my case, my skin have noticeable pores due to frequent facial, pimples are clearing up but the product cannot tighten up my pores. I’ve been using the Clinique Pore Minimizer for 2 months now and I can see the improvements and I am really satisfied with it.

I highly recommend this regimen to people with recurrent acne breakouts, whose skin end up getting too dry or too red without positive results from using too many different brands. It’s time to kiss that acne goodbye without losing an arm or a leg.

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