Product claims: NYX fun colors Lipstick is the classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. NYX Fun Colors lipstick makes your lips shiny and wet looking.

I was hoping to get a good brown-colored lipstick for a subtle makeup look or maybe even for a serious look.

It’s particularly difficult to get the right shade for lipsticks like this because nude lipsticks depend a whole lot on the natural color of your lips and skin.

I got this lipstick on a sale, and I thought “Sierra” was an elegant shade to try out.

The packaging is simple, and it actually looks more like a little girl’s toy lipstick. I’m also not a big fan of the curly font. Then again, I don’t really care much for the design of lipsticks, but if you’re the type of person who would see that as a negative feature then maybe this product is not for you.

As for the color, I instantly loved it. It was the perfect shade of brown for me. It also easily matched my makeup especially on days when I didn’t really feel like having a bold or noticeable lip.

It’s very creamy as well which makes it very easy to apply but  sadly, also easy to remove. I like using this on days when I only have to be outside for a short time because on busy days, I don’t really have the time to keep retouching my lipstick.

I think this product is still worth it, though, because it’s pretty cheap without looking cheap!

This line also has a diverse array of shades, and I’m looking forward to trying out a lot of them like Soft Mauve and Frappucino.

It also comes with a “secret” lip balm compartment on the bottom. The glass part can actually be removed, and I only found out recently! That was really cool.

I would recommend this lipstick because it’s cute and simple with a wide color palette to choose from. It’s definitely a must-have in your makeup collection especially if you’re on a budget. I hope you get to try it out!

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