I have to admit this was the first time I was trying a cereal drink. But I wanted to find out what the rage was all about, so the last time I went to the supermarket, I went cereal drink hunting. The one that I had my eyes on was the Nutri-Go Oat Cereal Drink by Quaker, since I figured Quaker is a reputable brand; they produce quality products. I’ve tried their regular Quaker oats, and their snack bars before, and they get no complaints from me. A sachet of Nutri-Go Oat Cereal Drink (28g) costs only PhP 5. I went with the Cafe Mocha flavor, I felt this was a safe bet for a first time cereal drinker.

The label says this product is high in calcium, which is a good thing, because I’m not the healthiest eater. I’m a junk food fan, so whenever I eat healthy foods I give myself a bit of a pack on the back. The great thing about Quaker Nutri-Go is that on the back of the packaging it lists its nutritional value. So for those who are health conscious or are calorie counters, you can keep track of the nutrients that go in your body.

Nutri-Go is easy to prepare- just pour the mixture into a mug and add a cup of water. Put a saucer on top to lock in the moisture, and wait for about five minutes before serving. I wasn’t sure at first if you had to do any of this, or if it was one of those mixtures wherein you simply add hot water and it’s ready to serve, the directions on the packaging didn’t specify. But the sachet contained dried oats, and it just didn’t look ready to eat after I’ve poured in the hot water and stirred. So I played it safe and put a saucer on top of the mug and waited for five minutes. The result was exactly as you would imagine: a chocolate drink with tidbits of oats. I was a bit taken aback at first because the consistency was a bit weird, it was soupy, but after a while I got used to it.

You can’t really drink Nutri-Go straight up, the cereal bits get stuck on the bottom of the mug, so you have to use a spoon. The Nutri-Go Cafe Mocha flavor, didn’t at all taste like mocha, it tasted more like chocolate, so I was disappointed with that; it wasn’t sweet enough for me either, so I ended up adding a bit of more sugar to it. Overall, it wasn’t bad, and since this cereal drink is very affordable and healthy; I will be willing to purchase this product again, but a different flavor next time.

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