Caregivers often navigate strange waters with their loved ones near the end of life. A particularly intriguing event is when those under our care start seeing deceased relatives. It’s not a dream or hallucination – these are clear, real experiences to them, happening when they’re fully awake.

Consider this scenario: your loved one, perfectly lucid, starts seeing their departed father. They may approach you, puzzled, saying, “I keep seeing dad before bed. He says he’ll take me with him soon and everything’s going to be fine. What should I think?”

It’s difficult, right? How do we explain something that’s beyond our everyday understanding? The truth is, we don’t exactly know why this happens. It could be a psychological comfort or something more spiritual. But it’s essential to reassure them of two things: we don’t have all the answers, but they’re not alone. Many people have reported such experiences.

Navigating deathbed visions can be challenging for caregivers and their loved ones. While we may not understand these experiences fully, we can offer comfort and reassurance. Sometimes, knowing they’re not alone can be the greatest comfort of all.

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